The Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee is responsible for monitoring issues that affect parks, farmland preservation, water resources and the growing agricultural industry.
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Singleton & Conaway Bill to Prohibit Animal Cruelty Violators from Owning, Working with Animals Gains Approval from Full Assembly

Legislation Assemblymen Troy Singleton and Herb Conaway Jr. sponsored to prohibit individuals convicted of animal cruelty offenses from owning pets and working in close contact with animals was approved 65-2-3 by the full Assembly on Thursday.

"Having a pet is a rewarding responsibility that ought to be reserved only for those with a demonstrated history of having properly cared for animals," said Singleton (D-Burlington). "This legislation is representative of our state's long-standing reverence for animal rights."

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Wilson Bill to Protect Farmers by Stemming Invasive Plant Species Clears Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Whip Wilson to help stem the tide of invasive plants harmful to New Jersey's farming industry was approved Thursday by the Assembly.

This is a bill that, quite simply, is all about protecting New Jersey farmers and businesses," said Wilson (D-Camden/Gloucester). "Invasive plants can prove destructive and cost farmers income, thus hurting our economy. Requiring the state to use any native plants is common sense."

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RESCHEDULED FOR THURSDAY - Regulating Military Equipment Given to Police, Overriding Christie Heating & Food Aid Veto, Equitable Disaster Aid, Domestic Violence Protections, Moose's Law & E-Insurance Top Thursday Assembly Session

Safe Vehicle Rentals, Teen-age Mental Health Care, Storm Protections, Combating Invasive Plants & Volunteer Camera Registry Also on Tap

Regulating military equipment given to police departments, overriding Gov. Christie's veto of legislation increasing heating and food assistance to low-income families, ensuring disaster aid is allocated in proportion to actual damage, modernizing protections against domestic violence, banning people convicted of animal cruelty from working at animal-related jobs and allowing drivers to display electronic proof of insurance highlight Thursday's Assembly voting session…

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