The Assembly Budget Committee reviews the Governorís proposed budget plan and crafts the Legislatureís appropriations bill, the stateís annual fiscal spending law.
Democratic Research Aide:  Aaron Binder   
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Mazzeo & Pintor Marin Condemn Governorís Repeated, Shameful Veto of Critical Womenís Health Funding

Assembly Democrats Vince Mazzeo and Eliana Pintor Marin joined together on Tuesday to condemn Gov. Christie's "annual veto" of legislation they sponsored that would have restored funding for critical health services for low and middle income women and their families, calling it a continued affront to women, children and taxpayers throughout New Jersey.

The two-bill package would have restored the $7.5 million Gov. Christie has routinely eliminated for women's health centers since taking office (A-3672, sponsored by Mazzeo), and also expanded Medicaid coverage under federal law to help serve some of the state's poorest women (A-4604, sponsored by Pintor Marin).

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