Assembly Commerce and Economic Development

The Assembly Commerce and Economic Development Committee is responsible for issues that affect urban enterprise zones, state and local redevelopment projects, corporate tax incentives, and business grant programs.
Democratic Research Aide:  Ben A. Graziano   
Group - B

Singleton Backs Striking Verizon Workers

Assemblyman Troy Singleton (D-Burlington) on Monday voiced his support for Verizon workers who are fighting for fair labor treatment from the corporate giant.

"The current struggle between Verizon's rank and file workers and executives embodies much of the challenges that American workers face today. As workers continue to see corporate profits rise while employee wages remain stagnant, demanding greater sacrifices from the struggling middle class is not an adequate prescription to fix what's wrong here.

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Speaker Prieto on Comcast’s Blackout of YES Network

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Bergen/Hudson) released the following statement Monday on Comcast's continued blackout of the YES Network:

"With the baseball season now underway, it's disappointing that Comcast continues to deny more than 600,000 customers in New Jersey the opportunity to watch the Yankees on TV this season. Of the five largest pay-TV providers on the region, Comcast is the only one to blackout the YES Network and deprive its customers of more than 120 Yankees telecasts for which it continues to charge customers.

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