The Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee is charged with protecting consumer rights in New Jersey, particularly issues such as safeguarding against identity theft, restricting telemarketing, and protecting cell phone and calling card consumers against fraud.
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Wimberly, Jasey & Benson 'Reader Privacy Act' To Upgrade NJ Book Privacy Laws Continues Advancing

Measure Would Extend Library Privacy Protections to Book Purchases, Including E-Books
(TRENTON) - Legislation Assembly Democrats Benjie E. Wimberly, Mila M. Jasey and Daniel R. Benson sponsored to place readers and purchases of books and electronic books under similar protections as library records by expanding New Jersey's reader privacy law was released by a Senate panel on Monday.

The sponsors note the invention of digital books and e-readers has raised questions around the country about privacy and broadening protections to include these new literary mediums. California and Arizona enacted similar legislation in 2011 extending library privacy laws to include digital book records.

"E-books and online purchases have redefined the way we read, buy and borrow books," said Wimberly (D-Bergen/Passaic). "These new methods raise questions regarding privacy and disclosure of personal information. Current law is simply too antiquated to adequately provide for confidentiality in the digital age. Individuals should be allowed to read, shop without fear of intrusion. Just as with books you borrow at the library, your e-book preferences should also remain private."

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Moriarty, Benson & Wimberly Bill Outlawing Unsolicited Text Message Ads Continues Advancing

Assembly approved legislation Assembly Democrats Paul Moriarty, Daniel R. Benson and Benjie Wimberly sponsored to prohibit advertisers from sending unwelcome and unsolicited advertisements to consumers via text messaging was released Monday by the Senate Commerce Committee.

"Unwanted text messages not only tax consumers' patience, but they are a drain on cell minutes and bank accounts," said Moriarty (D-Gloucester/Camden). "Just as telephone customers have been able to close their homes to unwanted telemarketing calls, cell customers should be able to be free of unwanted text ads..."

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Moriarty & Vainieri Huttle Bill Targeting Unsolicited Checks Advanced by Senate Panel

Asm. Paul Moriarty Bars Sending Checks to Consumers That Once Cashed Enroll Them in Costly Programs

Assembly approved legislation Assembly Democrats Paul Moriarty and Valerie Vainieri Huttle sponsored to make it illegal to mail unsolicited checks that once cashed enroll consumers in costly programs was advanced Monday by the Senate Commerce Committee.

"These so-called free money offers are at their best deceptive and, at their worst, downright dishonest," Moriarty said. "Right now, consumers are at their most vulnerable to fall for a scheme that appears to offer them instant cash but would end up costing them much more in the long-run..."

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Democratic Bill to Prohibit Notaries Public from Using False Advertising Signed into Law

Asw. Marlene Caride Legislation sponsored by Assemblywoman Marlene Caride, Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto, Assemblyman Gary Schaer, Assemblywoman Angelica Jimenez and Assemblywoman Annette Quijano to prohibit notaries public from falsely representing themselves as attorneys in advertisements has been signed into law.

"In many Latin American and European countries a notary is a member of the legal profession and is licensed to validate real estate transactions, wills and other matters," said Caride (D- Bergen/Passaic). "Because of this, many of our residents unknowingly rely on notaries for assistance in legal matters. Only attorneys are schooled in law and trained to represent our residents in legal matters. Unless a notary is a licensed attorney in good standing, notaries in New Jersey are not authorized to give legal advice to our residents on matters pertaining to the law. This helps protect people from the repercussions of putting their trust and well-being in the hands of the wrong individuals..."

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