The Assembly Consumer Affairs Committee is charged with protecting consumer rights in New Jersey, particularly issues such as safeguarding against identity theft, restricting telemarketing, and protecting cell phone and calling card consumers against fraud.
Democratic Research Aide:  Gary R. Williams   
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Gun Safety Veto Override, School Bus Safety Sensors, New Jersey Secure Choice Savings Program & Help for Sandy Victims Highlight Thursday Assembly Session

Detective Vincent Santiago's Law, Full-Day Kindergarten, MVP Alert System, Combating Telemarketing Fraud, Environmental Protections, Sickle Cell Disease & Down Syndrome Care & Jobs & Health Care for Veterans Also on Tap

The Assembly will meet Thursday to vote to override Gov. Christie's veto of legislation to require notification of local law enforcement before expungement of mental health records of prospective firearms purchasers.

It will consider, among other bills, legislation to require safety sensors on school buses, establish a retirement savings program for all workers in New Jersey and establish temporary mortgage relief programs for property owners impacted by Superstorm Sandy...

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