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The Assembly Education Committee addresses issues concerning education curricula, school finance, school boards and districts, school transportation, students, teachers, tuition and student aid, vocational and higher education.
Democratic Research Aide:  Martin Sumners   
Group - C

Atlantic City Economic Recovery, Safe Drinking Water, Boosting N.J. Military Bases, School Test Participation Info & Consumer Protection Highlight Thursday Assembly Session

The Atlantic City Plan for Implementing Economic Recovery Act and legislation to create a drinking water safety task force, the Hazardous Drug Safe Handling Act, create the New Jersey Military Skills Council, allow local governments to enter into shared services with military bases, require schools to post information on student participation in assessments and to limit forum of consumer contract disputes to New Jersey highlight Thursday's Assembly voting session...

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Speaker Prieto Statement on Efforts to Safeguard Children from Lead Exposure

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Monday on efforts to protect children from lead exposure:

"We will examine the administration's directives and regulatory changes to ensure they do the right thing. The fine print is always very important. Finding more money for testing school drinking water is a shared goal, but so is protecting children from the hazards of lead paint. We'll examine whether $10 million is an appropriate amount..."

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