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The Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee focuses on the protection of the natural and historic resources in the state, as well as the management of waste disposal and recycling. The Committee is committed to preserving the quality of New Jersey's air, waters and land, as well as the health and safety of the state's residents.
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McKeon Re-Introduces "Electronic Waste Management Act," Assembly Panel to Vote on Bill Monday

Measure was One of Numerous Bills to be Pocket Vetoed at End of Last Legislative Session
(TRENTON) - Assemblyman John F. McKeon has re-introduced legislation that would make various changes to the state's electronic waste recycling laws. The measure was one of numerous bills to become subject to a pocket veto last month.

McKeon said the legislation was sponsored at the request of the state Department of Environmental Protection and, now, many counties have begun to put an end to electronic waste recycling beginning the first of this month.

"The situation has gone from bad to worse. The intention was for New Jersey to take a proactive stance on preserving electronic waste recycling programs in the state to now, potentially having to reinstate these programs in some counties," McKeon said. "'Too many bills' is not an excuse to avoid the responsibility of reviewing each and every bill.

"The Electronic Waste Management Act was a preemptive measure to encourage municipalities to continue programs that recycle various dangerous waste materials."

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