Assembly Environment and Solid Waste

The Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee focuses on the protection of the natural and historic resources in the state, as well as the management of waste disposal and recycling. The Committee is committed to preserving the quality of New Jersey's air, waters and land, as well as the health and safety of the state's residents.
Group - D

McKeon, Jasey, Eustace & Holley Bill to Study the Condition of NJ Drinking Water Infrastructure Clears Senate

(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats John McKeon, Mila Jasey, Tim Eustace and Jamel Holley to create a task force to review the state's drinking water sources was approved, 39-0, by the Senate on Thursday.
The sponsors note the water crisis in Flint, Michigan has raised concerns across the country about the water filtration process and the risk of contaminates in the water system, especially lead.

"The situation in Flint Michigan should be a lesson to us all to ensure protection of our water supply," said McKeon (D-Essex, Morris). "This should be a priority for New Jersey as well. A task force can help us identify the areas in need of strengthening in regards to the state's water supply.

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Mazzeo, Mosquera, Mukherji, Andrzejczak & Land Bill to Boost Protections for NJ Wildlife & Natural Resources Clears Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Vincent Mazzeo, Gabriela Mosquera, Raj Mukherji, Bob Andrzejczak and Bruce Land to enter New Jersey into the Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact to better protect and manage the state's wildlife and natural resources was approved earlier this week by the General Assembly.

The Interstate Wildlife Violator Compact (IWVC) is an agreement among participating states to provide reciprocal sharing of information regarding hunting, fishing, and trapping violations

"Joining the rest of the nation in the IWVC allows us to better crack down on those taking advantage of our hunting, fishing and trapping laws while respecting those sportsmen who are doing everything right...," said Mazzeo (D-Atlantic).

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