Assembly Environment and Solid Waste

The Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee focuses on the protection of the natural and historic resources in the state, as well as the management of waste disposal and recycling. The Committee is committed to preserving the quality of New Jersey's air, waters and land, as well as the health and safety of the state's residents.
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Video: McKeon Opposes Trump EPA Nominee Scott Pruitt

Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon Assembly Judiciary Chairman John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) on his legislation (AR-211) opposing President Trump's nomination of Scott Pruitt as EPA administrator. The Assembly approved the bill 44-14-6 on Wednesday.

Watch the video here.

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Schaer Bill to Ensure Identification and Remediation of Waste Tire Piles Passes Assembly

(TRENTON) - Legislation Assemblyman Gary Schaer sponsored to continue the identification and remediation of waste tire sites in New Jersey passed the full Assembly, 70-0, on Wednesday.

Schaer said the bill follows the recommendation of the most recent Department of Environmental Protection Auditor Report.

The bill (A-4395) requires any person responsible for the accumulation of waste tires at a site to remove and properly dispose of the waste tires and bring the site into compliance with the "Solid Waste Management Act."

"Waste tire piles pose a risk to public safety and the environment," said Schaer (D-Bergen, Passaic). "These unwanted tires become magnets for stagnation and can emit particles and hazardous substances into the air, soil, and water that will pose human health risks and environmental contamination."

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McKeon, Eustace & Prieto Measure Opposing the EPA Pick, Scott Pruitt, Nomination Passes Assembly

(Trenton) - An Assembly resolution Assembly Democrats John McKeon, Timothy Eustace and Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto sponsored to express opposition to the nomination of Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the United States Environmental Protection Agency and urges the Unites States Congress to oppose this nomination was approved by the full Assembly, 43-14-6, on Wednesday.

"With a stated mission to protect the environment and human health, the EPA, since inception, has been working for a cleaner, healthier environment for the American people," said McKeon (D-Essex, Morris). "Mr. Pruitt has spent much of his energy as attorney general fighting this very agency he is being nominated to lead, and is a self-pro-claimed 'leading advocate against the EPA's activist agenda.' His nomination is a disgrace and affront to the critical work of the EPA."

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Benson, Muoio & Conaway Bill to Require Health Care Facilities to Test for Lead in Drinking Water Clears Assembly Panel

(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Daniel Benson, Elizabeth Muoio and Herb Conaway to require care facilities to test for and remediate lead in drinking water was approved by the Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee on Monday.

"According to the DEP, high levels of lead were recently detected in a hospital in Englewood as well as a medical center in Morristown last February," said Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex). "This raises concerns for all health care facilities and should implore the state to implement mandatory lead testing requirements for these facilities."

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