The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee is responsible for the oversight of health care policy. Its focus is legislation that works to prevent disease, promote well-being at all life stages and encourage informed choices that enrich the quality of life for residents and communities.
Democratic Research Aide:  Nicole A. Brown   
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Wimberly: A bill to Curb Heroin and Opioid Addiction in NJ

Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly Assemblyman Benjie E. Wimberly (D-Bergen/Passaic) had the following published recently in the Newark Star-Ledger:

"Heroin and opioid addiction crosses racial, socio-economic and professional boundaries. Not one group or area can lay claim to having been hit the hardest by this kind of addiction.

"Curbing the prescription drug and heroin epidemic in this state will require a comprehensive legislative approach, including an addiction awareness and education campaign to help restore hope in our communities. It's time to encourage individuals and families to seek the help they desperately need to live drug-free..."

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