Assembly Health and Senior Services

The Assembly Health and Senior Services Committee is responsible for the oversight of health care policy. Its focus is legislation that works to prevent disease, promote well-being at all life stages and encourage informed choices that enrich the quality of life for residents and communities.
Democratic Research Aide:  Nicole A. Brown   
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** MONDAY ADVISORY ** Assembly Speaker Coughlin to Announce Legislative Package to Address Hunger in NJ

As part of his commitment to fight hunger in New Jersey, Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin on Monday will announce a series of proposals to address food insecurity and tackle hunger in the state.

“Tomorrow I will be in East Brunswick picking fruit that will be donated to a community food bank because I want to highlight the need that exists in New Jersey. This might be a difficult concept for some to comprehend and relate to, but food insecurity is a real issue for nearly one million New Jerseyans. There are people, children who go to bed hungry. In a state as wealthy as New Jersey, this is unacceptable,” said Speaker Coughlin. “I made fighting hunger one of my top priorities because I believe that everyone has a right to the most basic necessities. I will continue to not only raise awareness about food insecurity in the state, but put forth legislative measures to help address it.”

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