The Assembly Higher Education committee handles issues that relate directly to the state’s 31 public colleges and universities, including its 19 county and community colleges. The committee assists in directing policy relating to tuition aid and scholarship programs, such as the popular NJ STARS, and ensuring the success of inter-institutional agreements entered into by schools.
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More Higher Education Reform, Protecting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Rules, Withdrawing from Waterfront Commission, Increased Property Tax Appeal Transparency & Drug Treatment for Inmates Top Thursday Assembly Committee Meetings

Film & Digital Media Tax Credit, Combating Overdoses, Helping Biz Make Energy Improvements, Securing Personal Health Info, Expediting Vacant Building Maintenance & Modernized Corporate Laws Also on Tap

More higher education reform, protecting New Jersey's greenhouse gas reduction regulations, withdrawing New Jersey from the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, expanding the state's film and digital media production tax credit program, increasing transparency for appealing property tax assessments and improving drug treatment for inmates are among the highlights for Thursday's Assembly committee meetings...

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***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** Full Assembly Ok's Comprehensive Bill Package Aimed at Making College More Affordable and Attainable in NJ

Assemblywoman Celeste M. Riley
7-Bill Package is Sponsored by Riley, Cryan, Quijano, Coughlin, Lagana, Vainieri Huttle, Jasey, Stender, Garcia, Giblin, Mukherji, Moriarty, Pinkin, Eustace, Benson & Burzichelli
The General Assembly on Thursday approved seven key bills that are part of a larger 20-bill package aimed at addressing the systemic factors pushing more and more New Jersey students into the real world saddled with debt and without a college degree.

The bills approved today are sponsored by Assembly Democrats Celeste Riley, Joseph Cryan, Annette Quijano, Craig Coughlin, Joseph Lagana, Vainieri Huttle, Mila Jasey, Linda Stender, Carmelo Garcia, Thomas Giblin, Raj Mukherji, Paul Moriarty, Nancy Pinkin, Tim Eustace, Daniel Benson and John Burzichelli.

Riley and Cryan first unveiled the 20-bill package in March to address many of the critical factors standing in the way of whether a student successfully completes college and in the most cost-effective manner possible, including: college readiness, completion rates, cost, data collection, accountability, and pathways to success.

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8-Bill Higher Education Affordability & Reform Package Tops Thursday Assembly Session

Sports Gaming, Expanding Mammogram Availability, Prescription Drug Safety & Improving Energy Infrastructure Also on Tap
Bills to Promote ALS and Veterans Donations & Cut Red Tape Also Set

An 8-bill higher education affordability and reform package - including bills to freeze tuition, improve cost certainty for families, boost accountability, crackdown on sexual assault on campus and regulate for-profit institutions - top Thursday's Assembly voting session.

Legislation to eliminate sports gaming prohibition, ensure mammograms are available to women under 40 who lack access to family medical history due to adoption, study the state's energy infrastructure needs and expand a prescription drug safety program are also to be considered...

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