Assembly Higher Education

The Assembly Higher Education committee handles issues that relate directly to colleges and universities. The committee assists in directing policy relating to tuition aid and scholarship programs, such as the popular NJ STARS, and ensuring the success of inter-institutional agreements entered into by schools.
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Benson & DeAngelo Bill to Help Students Facing a Medical Condition of Family Death to Maintain NJ STARS Scholarships Advances

Asm. Dan Benson Legislation Assemblymen Daniel R. Benson and Wayne P. DeAngelo sponsored to let NJ STARS and NJ STARS II scholarship recipients who suffer a medical condition or death of a parent or spouse to retain their program eligibility was advanced Thursday by an Assembly panel.

"This is the decent thing to do," said Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "College is the gateway to a brighter future, and for many students, these scholarships are a lifeline. No one should lose their eligibility because of a medical condition..."

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Pinkin Bill to Help College Students Map a Path toward an Affordable Graduation Released by Assembly Committee

Asw. Nancy Pinkin Legislation Assemblywoman Nancy Pinkin sponsored to help make college more affordable by requiring undergraduate students enrolled in four-year public institutions of higher education to file a degree plan was advanced Thursday by the Assembly Higher Education panel.

"This will help put students on a clearer path towards their intended goal and prevent them from getting lost in the shuffle of anonymity that often accompanies the earlier years of college," said Pinkin (D-Middlesex). "This bill strikes a healthy balance by requiring students and colleges to work together to create a focused plan for degree attainment..."

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Thursday Assembly Committee Agendas

Assembly committees will meet Thursday to consider legislation the following bils…

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