The Assembly Housing and Community Development Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation dealing with municipalities, counties, local finance, local public contracts, property taxes, local authorities, housing, land use, zoning and planning.
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Mazzeo Proposes Increased Property Tax Relief for Atlantic County

Asm. Vince Mazzeo
Suggests Boosting Property Tax Relief as Part of Efforts to Reinvigorate Atlantic City
Assemblyman Vince Mazzeo on Thursday proposed boosting property tax relief throughout Atlantic County as part of the ongoing effort to reinvigorate the Atlantic City region's economy.

"Our priority as local leaders must be to reduce the property tax burden on Atlantic County's hard-working middle-class families and seniors," Mazzeo said. "The growing tax burden is unsustainable and many residents have fled our region. We must act -- and we must act now..."

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Garcia, Coughlin, Green, McKeon, Andrzejczak & Fuentes Look to Speed Process for Maintaining Foreclosed Vacant Properties

Asm. Carmelo Garcia Legislation Assembly Democrats Carmelo Garcia, Craig Coughlin, Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green, John McKeon, Bob Andrzejczak and Angel Fuentes sponsored to provide an expedited process for foreclosing vacant and abandoned residential properties in uncontested actions was released Thursday by an Assembly panel.

"We've seen vacant properties throughout New Jersey destabilize neighborhoods and hurt property values," said Garcia (D-Hudson). "I view this as common sense - if a property is vacant and abandoned in an uncontested situation, then let's speed the process by which somebody will become responsible for it..."

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