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Lagana, Caride, McKeon, Mazzeo & Mukherji Bill to Combat Rising Tide of Heroin and Prescription Drug Abuse Throughout N.J. Approved by Assembly

Asm. Joe Lagana Legislation Assembly Democrats Joseph Lagana, Marlene Caride, John McKeon, Vince Mazzeo and Raj Mukherji sponsored to combat the rising tide of heroin and prescription drug abuse throughout New Jersey was approved 74-0 Thursday by the Assembly.

"This problem is wide-ranging and our laws are not stringent enough to combat it," said Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic). "We need to do more to ensure we're equipped to deal with this epidemic, before too many lives are lost. This is both the moral and responsible thing to do..."

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Lagana Statement on Assembly Approving His Bill to Combat Prescription Drug & Heroin Abuse

Asm. Joe Lagana Assemblyman Joe Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic) made the following statement Thursday as the Assembly voted 74-0 to approve his bill (A-3602) to revise the New Jersey Prescription Monitoring Program to curb prescription drug and heroin abuse:

""It does not matter whether you are from a rural area, suburb or urban area, the terrible effects of addiction, specifically prescription pill and heroin abuse, have impacted all of us. It has no face and it is without borders. We must act collectively to help in this fight to save lives..."

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McKeon, Schaer, Prieto, Quijano & Wimberly Bill to Limit Use of Environmental Settlement Funds Heads to Gov's Desk

Bill stems from Christie administration's decision to settle with Exxon for $225 million despite asking for $8.9 billion in damages; decision has raised questions about motive
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats John McKeon, Gary Schaer, Speaker Vincent Prieto, Annette Quijano and Benjie Wimberly to ensure that moneys received as part of an environmental violation lawsuit is used to fix the damage created by the infraction received final legislative approval Thursday and now heads to the governor's desk.

"Current law allows the administration to use most of the Exxon settlement money to balance the budget. Residents have been terribly shortchanged by this settlement. Using these funds as a short-term budget fix adds insult to injury," said Mckeon (D-Essex/Morris). "This bill amends the law so that the bulk of monies received from environmental lawsuits are reserved for damage restoration."

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McKeon & Quijano Bill to Extend Public Notice of Pending Environmental Settlements Approved by Assembly

Bill stems from Christie administration's decision to settle with Exxon for $225 million despite asking for $8.9 billion in damages; decision has raised questions about motive
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats John McKeon (D-Essex/Morris) and Annette Quijano (D- Union) to better inform the public about environmental settlements being considered by the state was approved Thursday by the General Assembly.

"The many concerns surrounding the Exxon Mobil settlement make it a glaring example of why the public notice timeframe needs changing," said McKeon. "The questionable size of the settlement, the extent of the damage and the length of time involved with this litigation makes a 30-day public notice period inadequate. More time is appropriate for this - and all future settlements."

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McKeon Seeks Pollution Complaint Information from Attorney General & Department of Environmental Protection

Asm. John McKeon Request Part of Assembly Judiciary Committee Examination of Proposed Christie Administration Settlement with Exxon Mobil

Assembly Judiciary Committee Chairman John McKeon on Wednesday asked the state Attorney General and Department of Environmental Protection commissioner to provide him a list of all complaints filed by the state since 2004 in which the state sought pollution damages.

"The committee's review of this proposed settlement is of vital importance to the taxpayers of New Jersey and the environmental health of our state," said McKeon (D-Essex/Morris). "Gov. Christie insists this is a good deal for New Jersey, but we need to see where this decision stands in relation to other incidents to decide whether that's an accurate statement..."

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THURSDAY - Testing Opt-Out, Pollution Settlements, Prescription Drug Monitoring, Atlantic City UEZ, Improving Medical Marijuana Program & Displaced Casino Worker Job Training Highlight Thursday Assembly Session

Lottery Couriers Budget Transparency, Economic Incentive Study, Stolen Valor Act, Student Steroid Abuse, Elderly Care, School Breakfast & Motor Vehicle Data Privacy Bills Also on Tap

Legislation to allow parents to opt their children out of standardized testing, require more money from pollution settlements be used for clean-up and extend the public comment period for pollution settlements, improve prescription drug monitoring to curb abuse, bring an Urban Enterprise Zone and property tax relief to Atlantic City, improving the medical marijuana program and provide training to displaced casino workers highlight Thursday's Assembly voting session...

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