The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation dealing with police, fire and emergency management services, public safety regulations, criminalization of activities and legal ramifications of crimes.
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Coughlin Bill to Help Those Found Innocent to Rebuild Their Lives & Reputation Released by Assembly Panel

Assemblyman Craig Coughlin Legislation Assemblyman Craig Coughlin sponsored to help those found not guilty of charges start to rebuild their lives and reputations was released Thursday by an Assembly panel.

"The American justice system is built on the rock solid foundation of innocent-until-proven guilty, but while charges can be dismissed and people acquitted, the Internet is forever," said Coughlin (D-Middlesex). "This requirement won't solve every problem for a person looking to rebuild their lives and reputation, but it's a common sense step government can take to make it a bit easier..."

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Gusciora Bill to Extend Drug Treatment to State Correctional Inmates Ineligible for Treatment Approved by Assembly Panel

An Assembly panel on Thursday released legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Reed Gusciora (D-Mercer/Hunterdon) requiring state correctional facilities to allow inmates who are currently ineligible for drug treatment programs to receive treatment.

The bill (A-3159) provides that an inmate in a state correctional facility who is otherwise eligible for drug treatment cannot be denied access to a drug treatment program operating in a state correctional facility based solely on that inmate having any detainer or open charge issued against him.

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Assembly Panel Releases Mainor, Quijano, Giblin, Wimberly, Pintor-Marin & Spencer Bill to Dissolve the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Charles Mainor, Annette Quijano, Thomas Giblin, Benjie Wimberly, Eliana Pinto-Marin and L. Grace Spencer to abolish the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor was released Thursday by an Assembly committee.

The Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor was created through a compact between the states of New Jersey and New York (and approved by Congress in 1953) to ensure fair hiring and employment practices and investigate, deter, and combat criminal activity and influence in the Port of New York and New Jersey. However, the commission has been tainted by corruption in recent years, and has been accused of compromising port operations by exercising powers it does not have.

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More Higher Education Reform, Protecting Greenhouse Gas Reduction Rules, Withdrawing from Waterfront Commission, Increased Property Tax Appeal Transparency & Drug Treatment for Inmates Top Thursday Assembly Committee Meetings

Film & Digital Media Tax Credit, Combating Overdoses, Helping Biz Make Energy Improvements, Securing Personal Health Info, Expediting Vacant Building Maintenance & Modernized Corporate Laws Also on Tap

More higher education reform, protecting New Jersey's greenhouse gas reduction regulations, withdrawing New Jersey from the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor, expanding the state's film and digital media production tax credit program, increasing transparency for appealing property tax assessments and improving drug treatment for inmates are among the highlights for Thursday's Assembly committee meetings...

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