Assembly Law and Public Safety

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation dealing with police, fire and emergency management services, public safety regulations, criminalization of activities and legal ramifications of crimes.
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Barclay, Benson & Mazzeo Bill to Help More Police Departments Combat Heroin Overdoses Gains Committee OK

Asm. Arthur Barclay Legislation Assembly Democrats Arthur Barclay, Vince Mazzeo and Daniel R. Benson sponsored to facilitate the bulk purchase of the life-saving heroin and opioid antidote Narcan by the state for distribution to local first responders was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

"In Camden County alone, police officers have saved hundreds of lives because they had Narcan available on the scene," said Barclay (D-Camden/Gloucester). "Our law enforcement officers need to have this antidote on hand so that they are equipped to combat the state's opioid epidemic."

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Downey & Houghtaling Bill to Require Gun ‘Microstamping’ Clears Assembly Committee

Asw. Joann Downey Legislation Assembly Democrats Joann Downey and Eric Houghtaling sponsored to require the use of modern ballistic identification technology that would make it easier for law enforcement to analyze gun crime evidence was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

"Microstamping essentially is like assigning DNA to a firearm," said Downey (D-Monmouth). "If law enforcement officers could immediately know everything about a gun just by having a shell casing, it would increase their likelihood of quickly apprehending the perpetrator of a crime."

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Pinkin, Sumter, Vainieri Huttle, Gusciora & Muoio Bill to Restrict Use of Solitary Confinement in N.J. Prisons Clears Committee

Asw. Nancy Pinkin Measure Follows Recent White House Action to Reform Solitary Confinement in Federal Prisons

Legislation Assembly Democrats Nancy Pinkin, Shavonda Sumter, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Reed Gusciora and Elizabeth Muoio sponsored to restrict the use of solitary confinement in New Jersey's prisons was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

"There is significant proof that solitary confinement can have a severe, long-term negative impact on an inmate's mental health," said Pinkin (D-Middlesex). "While solitary confinement is necessary in some cases, the use of isolation in New Jersey's correctional facilities does irreparable psychological damage that affects people while they are in prison and detracts from former inmates' ability to make positive contributions to their communities thereafter."

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Oliver, Johnson & Jasey Bill to Prohibit Sale of Realistic Toy Guns Clears Assembly Committee

Asw. Sheila Oliver Legislation sponsored by Speaker Emeritus Sheila Oliver and Assembly Democrats Gordon M. Johnson and Mila Jasey to prohibit the sale of toy guns that resemble real firearms was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

"Unfortunately, when a law enforcement officer is called to a scene and has to make a split-second decision, it can be difficult to differentiate between a real weapon and an imitation," said Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic). "If the officer is wrong in assuming that a toy is a real weapon, it can result in tragedy for a child at play. If the officer hesitates, believing that a real weapon is a toy, it can result in tragedy for the officer. By putting restrictions on the sale of replica weapons, we can get to the root of this disturbing problem."

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Egan Jones & Mosquera Measure to Prevent Gun Violence Among Individuals with Mental Disorders Gains Committee Approval

Asw. Patricia Egan Jones Mental Illness, Access to Firearms Major Risk Factors for Suicide

Legislation Assembly Democrats Patricia Egan Jones and Gabriela Mosquera sponsored to prevent individuals with an elevated risk of engaging in violence due to mental illness from causing harm to themselves and others was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

"For someone who may be struggling with disturbing thoughts, having access to a firearm significantly increases the likelihood of suicide," said Egan Jones (D-Camden/Gloucester). "By reducing their access to a lethal weapon, New Jersey can help prevent fatalities among those with serious mental health concerns."

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Banning Real-Looking Toy Guns, Firearms Seizures When Patient Poses a Threat, Handgun Micro-Stamping & Database, Restricting Isolated Confinement & State Help for Local Transportation Funding Delays Highlight Thursday Assembly Committees

Distracted Driving Discussion Also on Tap

Bills banning the sale of toy guns that appear to be genuine firearms, requiring firearms seizure when a mental health professional determines a patient poses a threat, requiring newly manufactured handguns to be micro-stamped and establishing a handgun database, along with legislation to restrict isolated confinement in jails and require the state to compensate local governments for transportation funding delays top Thursday's Assembly committee hearings…

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