Assembly Law and Public Safety

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation dealing with police, fire and emergency management services, public safety regulations, criminalization of activities and legal ramifications of crimes.
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Downey Bill to Establish Identity Theft Database Gains Approval of Assembly Committee

Asw. Joann Downey Legislation Assemblywoman Joann Downey sponsored to establish an identity theft database that would facilitate investigations by law enforcement and help victims rebuild their lives and reputations was advanced Monday by an Assembly committee.

"Millions of people each year have their lives completely upended by identity theft. Most victims don't know how the offender obtained their information, and many find themselves not knowing where to start when it comes to reporting and investigating the crime," said Downey (D-Monmouth). "Establishing this database can help law enforcement collect information, track patterns and bring perpetrators to justice."

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Singleton Measure to Require Police Training on Proper Response to Mental Health, Substance Use Disorders Clears Committee

Asm. Troy Singleton 1 in 4 Killed in Officer-Involved Shootings Had Serious Mental Illness

Legislation Assemblyman Troy Singleton sponsored to help keep law enforcement officers, individuals experiencing mental health crises and the general public safe during police interventions was advanced Monday by an Assembly committee.

"New Jersey's dedicated law enforcement officers work hard - often putting themselves in harm's way - to protect the public. In order to do that very difficult job as best as they can, it's important for these officers to be prepared to assist individuals who may be dealing with mental health or substance use disorders," said Singleton (D-Burlington). "The responsibility of responding to emergencies of this nature increasingly has fallen on the shoulders of police officers who, unfortunately, may not have been trained on the best way to de-escalate the situation."

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Sumter, Holley & Oliver Bill Aimed at Improving Rehabilitation, Reducing Recidivism Rate Clears Assembly Committee

Asw. Shavonda Sumter Measure Would Require Individualized Re-Entry Plan for Each Inmate

Legislation Assembly Democrats Shavonda Sumter, Jamel Holley and Sheila Oliver sponsored to reform the prison system in New Jersey and reduce the likelihood that former inmates will return to prison was advanced Monday by an Assembly committee.

"The majority of the more than 10,000 inmates who are released from prison each year in New Jersey will be re-arrested, and two in five will return to prison. In addition to the direct impact this has on their own lives, it also affects their families, their communities and the entire state," said Sumter (D-Bergen/Passaic). "It's critical that we stop this woeful pattern by making sure that these men and women have the education, job skills and other resources they need in order to be productive members of society after leaving prison."

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DeAngelo, Holley, Mazzeo, Downey & McKnight Bill to Establish Plan to Publish Missing Persons Alerts Online Now Law

Asm. Wayne DeAngelo Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Jamel Holley, Vincent Mazzeo, Joann Downey and Angela McKnight to expand the reach of missing persons notices via social media is now law.

"Just as people use outlets like Facebook and Twitter to connect with friends and family, law enforcement officials can also use social media to reach the public when someone is missing," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "By employing networks we already have in place to further publicize Amber and Silver Alerts, we can reach a far larger audience at no additional cost and help reunite families as soon as possible."

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Telemedicine, Manufacturing Jobs & Homeowner Association Resident Rights Highlight Monday Assembly Committees

Among Bills Also on Tap: Juvenile Depression Screenings, ID Theft Help, Disqualifying Casino Applicants who Recently Shuttered a Casino, Jersey City Birth Certificates & Earn Your Way Out Act

Telemedicine, job training for the unemployed, a New Jersey Advanced Manufacturing Council and more rights for those living in homeowner associations highlight Monday's Assembly committee hearings…

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