Assembly Law and Public Safety

The Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee is responsible for reviewing legislation dealing with police, fire and emergency management services, public safety regulations, criminalization of activities and legal ramifications of crimes.
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Coughlin, Sumter & Spencer Bill to Help Those Found Innocent to Rebuild Their Lives & Reputations Released by Assembly Panel

Asm. Craig Coughlin Legislation Assembly Democrats Craig Coughlin, Shavonda Sumter and Grace Spencer sponsored to help those found not guilty of charges start to rebuild their lives and reputations was advanced by an Assembly committee on Thursday.

"The American justice system is built on the rock solid foundation of innocent-until-proven guilty, but while charges can be dismissed and people acquitted, the Internet is forever," said Coughlin (D-Middlesex). "This requirement won't solve every problem for a person looking to rebuild their lives and reputation, but it's a common sense step government can take to make it a bit easier."

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Schaer, Danielsen & Sumter Cost-Saving Measure to Expand Medical Parole for Those Posing No Public Safety Threat Clears Assembly Panel

Asm. Gary Schaer Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gary Schaer, Joseph Danielsen and Shavonda Sumter that would expand eligibility for medical parole for inmates who are physically incapacitated and do not pose a public safety threat was advanced by an Assembly committee on Thursday.

"This is both a humane and cost-effective approach to incarceration," said Schaer (D-Bergen/Passaic). "Those who would be eligible for parole under this bill are physically incapacitated and do not pose a threat to public safety. Releasing them from the confines of our prison system would save the state money by shifting the costs to Medicaid, which is funded in part by the federal government, and in turn enable them to get treatment in a more humane setting."

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Eustace Legislation to Keep Guns Away from Serious Criminal Offenders Advanced by Assembly Panel

Asm. Tim Eustace Similar Bill, Pocket-Vetoed in January, Received Unanimous Legislative Approval Last Session

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Tim Eustace to prohibit individuals convicted of carjacking, gang criminality, racketeering, making terroristic threats or the unlawful possession of a machine gun or handgun from purchasing or owning a firearm in New Jersey was advanced Thursday by an Assembly committee.

"This common sense public safety bill - which even gun rights groups can agree with - will give greater discretion to state prosecutors as they work to keep the public safe," said Eustace (D-Bergen/Passaic). "This legislation is simply about protecting the people of New Jersey."

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Schaer, Mukherji, Mazzeo, Jimenez & Wimberly Bill to Establish Criminal Firearms Recovery Clearinghouse Gains Committee OK

Asm. Gary Schaer Legislation Would Track Flow of Guns From Other States Into New Jersey

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gary S. Schaer, Raj Mukherji, Vincent Mazzeo, Angelica Jimenez and Benjie Wimberly to establish a criminal firearms recovery clearinghouse in New Jersey was advanced by an Assembly committee on Thursday.

The bill (A-1648) directs the attorney general to create and maintain a central repository of information regarding all firearms that were seized, forfeited, found or otherwise attained by law enforcement and believed to have been used in a crime. The purpose of the program is to identify the origins of firearms used to commission crimes in New Jersey.

"With this legislation, we will be better able to determine the source of each weapon associated with criminal activity and keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous individuals," said Schaer (D-Bergen/Passaic).

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Benson Bill to Require Motorists to Turn on Interior Lights When Stopped by Law Enforcement Gains Committee OK

Asm. Daniel R. Benson Legislation Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson sponsored to require drivers who have been pulled over by a law enforcement officer at night or during periods of inclement weather to activate the vehicle's interior light was advanced by an Assembly panel on Thursday.

"A law enforcement officer's job involves facing dangerous - and potentially life-threatening - scenarios on a regular basis. Something as simple as having drivers turn on a car's interior light can help an officer better assess a situation," said Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "Increasing officers' ability to see the inside of a vehicle ultimately will make it easier for them to fulfill their duty to keep the public safe."

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Johnson Bill to Help Protect Witnesses of Violent Crimes Advanced by Assembly Panel

Legislation sponsored by Assemblyman Gordon Johnson (D-Bergen) to help protect witnesses of violent crimes was approved by the Assembly Law and Public Safety Committee on Thursday.

"Being able to ensure the safety of a witness is often key to securing their testimony, and consequently, convicting violent criminals of heinous crimes," said Johnson. "This bill will extend the relocation assistance currently afforded to victims to witnesses as well."

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Thursday Assembly Committee Agendas

Assembly committees will meet Thursday to consider legislation the following bils…

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