Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs

The Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring all segments of state military preparedness, the National Guard and issues that pertain to veterans and their service.
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DeAngelo, Pinkin, Andrzejczak, Tucker, Conaway & Land Bill to Ensure Economic Vitality of N.J. Military Installations Advanced by Assembly

Asm. Wayne DeAngelo Bill Would Create Military and Defense Economic Ombudsman

Legislation Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Nancy Pinkin, Sgt. Bob Andrzejczak, Cleopatra Tucker, Herb Conaway and Sgt. Bruce Land sponsored to create a Military and Defense Economic Ombudsman to ensure the economic vitality of military installations in the state gained Assembly approval on Monday.

"Communication is key to fortifying our bond with the military bases," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex), vice-chair of the Assembly Military and Veterans' Affairs Committee. "There needs to be an open channel between the installations and all agencies and levels of government necessary to ensure that the needs of everyone connected to them are being met."

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DeAngelo, Lagana, Pinkin, McKnight & Benson Bill to Include All Disabled Vets Under NJ Transit Discount Program Clears Assembly

Asm. Wayne DeAngelo Legislation Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Joseph Lagana, Nancy Pinkin, Angela McKnight and Daniel R. Benson sponsored to include more disabled veterans in the New Jersey Transit discount program for senior citizens and persons with disabilities gained approval from the General Assembly on Monday.

"This is a little adjustment of current law for the great sacrifice and service made by our disabled veterans," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "All New Jersey veterans should be able to take advantage of this discount program. They have earned it."

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Mazzeo, Andrzejczak, Mukherji, Moriarty, Benson, Danielsen & Houghtaling Legislation to Boost Care for 'Wounded Warriors' Clears Assembly

Bill Aimed at Assisting Growing Number of Family Members Caring for Wounded Vets in Post-9/11 Era
(TRENTON) - Legislation Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo, Sgt. Bob Andrzejczak, Raj Mukherji, Paul Moriarty, Daniel Benson, Joseph Danielsen and Eric Houghtaling sponsored to boost assistance for "wounded warriors" and their caregivers, an ever-growing demographic that faces unique challenges in the post-9/11 era, advanced by the full Assembly on Monday, 78-0.

The lawmakers were inspired by a recent RAND Corporation study that included a number of unsettling statistics regarding the care of wounded veterans in the post-9/11 era, most notably that an estimated 1.1 million civilians are providing volunteer care-giving services to wounded veterans. Meanwhile, the study found that 53 percent of post-9/11 voluntary caregivers have no support network.

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