The Assembly Regulatory Oversight Committee concerns itself with legislation reducing governmental bureaucracy or "red tape" and affecting the state's casinos and horse racing industries. The panel also works to ensure that the Executive Branch implements laws as intended by the Legislature.
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Assembly OKs Lagana, Spencer, Mukherji, Johnson, Gusciora & Mazzeo Legislation to Allow Liquor Licenses for Certain Gaming Facilities

Asm. Joseph Lagana Bill Would Repeal 1959 Law Prohibiting Businesses from Serving Alcohol

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Joseph Lagana, L. Grace Spencer, Raj Mukherji, Gordon Johnson, Reed Gusciora and Vince Mazzeo to repeal a law prohibiting businesses from holding both a liquor license and a license to operate certain amusement games gained the approval of the General Assembly on Thursday.

"The only thing standing between a multi-million dollar job creator like Dave and Buster's - which is interested in opening multiple locations here as soon as possible - and the state of New Jersey is one outdated law. No other state in the country has this ban, and the bottom line is that it simply makes New Jersey less competitive," said Lagana (D-Bergen/Passaic). "By repealing an archaic law, this legislation will help make our state more business-friendly and open the door to new jobs."

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