The Assembly Women and Children Committee handles issues concerning the status of women and families and the welfare of children.
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Vainieri Huttle: Time to say no to sexual assaults on college campuses

Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle Assemblywoman Valerie Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen) had the following published Friday in The Record of Hackensack:

"Just look at the statistics: One in five women are sexually assaulted in their lifetime and 42 percent of female victims are sexually assaulted before the age of 25, making a woman's college years critical.

"I applaud Ramapo College for undertaking a thorough review of their sexual assault policies under the leadership of former Attorney General Anne Milgram, and William Paterson University President Kathleen Waldron for taking swift action upon learning of the serious assault alleged on her campus. But campus sexual assault is not the isolated concern of these two schools. It is a public safety, education and human-rights issue that affects every student, woman and man, in every institution of higher education in our state.

"New Jersey can and must do better in protecting students from becoming victims of sexual assault and from committing sexual crimes..."

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Garcia, Mainor, Mukherji & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ensure Legal Representation for Children When Parental Rights Are Terminated Approved by Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Carmelo Garcia, Charles Mainor, Raj Mukherji and Valerie Vainieri Huttle to authorize the Office of Public Defender to provide legal representation for children in proceedings after parental rights have been terminated was approved Thursday by the Assembly.

"This legislation ensures the protection of our children in legal matters if their parents are deemed incapable. The state should absolutely step in to protect children in these situations," said Garcia (D-Hudson).

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THURSDAY - Expanded Tuition Equality, Veterans Tuition Assistance, UEZ Boost, Meadowlands Reform, Atlantic City Help & Rutgers Reform Top Assembly Session

Bills to expand tuition equality, provide tuition help for veterans, send more money back to Urban Enterprise Zones, reform Meadowlands tax sharing and governance, help Atlantic City's economy and reform the Rutgers board of trustees top Thursday's Assembly voting session.

Bills to reform New Jersey's expungement laws, create Gold Alerts for missing people with developmental disabilities, establish a motor vehicle surcharge payment plan, ban unsolicited text ads and checks, require ATM operators to disclose balance inquiry fees, expand use of DNA as crime evidence, eliminate consumer data collection requirements for gift cards and limit access to motor vehicle recording data are also to be considered...

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MONDAY - Fining Colleges that Fail to Respond to Sexual Assault Allegations, Military Dependent Scholarship Act, E-Insurance for Drivers, Gold Alert System & Online Security Breach Notice Top Assembly Session

Truth in Caller ID, Combating Animal Cruelty, Easing Generators for Gas Stations & Health Care Facilities, Improved School Bus Driver Training & Youth Cardiac Exams Also on Tap

Bills to authorize the Attorney General to fine an institution of higher education that fails to appropriately respond to a student's allegation of sexual assault by another student, create the Military Dependents Scholarship Fund Act, allow drivers to use electronic proof of insurance, establish a Gold Alert system for missing persons with developmental disabilities and require consumer notice of online security breaches top Monday's Assembly voting session...

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