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9/21/2018    ** MONDAY ADVISORY ** Assembly Speaker Coughlin to Announce Legislative Package to Address Hunger in NJ    Read             
9/21/2018    Sumter Joins Call for Sheriff's Saudino's Resignation    Read             
9/21/2018    Jones, Benson Bill Requiring Placing "No Turn on Red" Sign closer to Traffic Lights Clears Committee    Read             
9/21/2018    Wimberly Joins Fellow Lawmakers in Calling for Bergen Sheriff Saudino to Resign    Read             
9/21/2018    Quijano on One Year Anniversary of Hurricane Maria    Read             
9/21/2018    DeAngelo, Benson Bill to Create Oversight Commission for Mercer County Public Water System Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
9/21/2018    Assembly Panel Approves Danielsen Bill Requiring Sufficient Notification of Disconnection of Public Utilities    Read             
9/20/2018    Johnson Statement on Bergen County Sheriff Saudino    Read             
9/20/2018    DeAngelo Bill to Prevent Power Outages Caused by Downed Trees Advances in Assembly; Affects 1.2 Million Customers    Read             
9/20/2018    Sumter, Reynolds-Jackson, Rice Led Discussion on Racial Disparities in Pre-Natal Services and Infant Mortality in NJ    Read             
9/20/2018    Coughlin Statement on Bergen County Sheriff Saudino: "He has disgraced his position and his community."    Read             
9/20/2018    Vainieri Huttle on Bergen County Sheriff Saudino: If the Allegations are True, He Must Step Down    Read             
9/20/2018    Swain & Tully Call for Resignation of Bergen County Sheriff Saudino    Read             
9/20/2018    ** MEDIA ADVISORY - Saturday, September 22 **

Speaker Coughlin to Participate in NJ Gleaning Week - Welcomes Volunteers
9/20/2018    Speaker Coughlin’s Announcement of New Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment Policy: What They’re Saying    Read             
9/20/2018    Chairwoman Tucker Hosts New Jersey's First African-American Adjutant General, Brigadier General Jemal J. Beale    Read             
9/19/2018    *MEDIA ADVISORY - TOMORROW, Thursday, September 20* Wimberly to Host Assembly Housing and Community Development Public Hearing on Foreclosure & Vacant Property Concerns    Read             
9/19/2018    Speaker Coughlin Sets Landmark Anti-Discrimination, Anti-Harassment Policy for New Jersey General Assembly, Measure to Move Next Voting Session    Read             
9/19/2018    Assembly Speaker Craig J. Coughlin today announced the appointment of Kevin McArdle as the new communications director for the New Jersey Assembly Majority Office    Read             
9/19/2018    ***Media Advisory- Thursday, Sept. 20***

Fighting for Consumers: Trenton Water Works Oversight, Preventing Power Outages, Increasing Energy Assistance Revenue & Requiring Certified Notice of Utility Termination    Read             
9/18/2018    Murphy Named New Judiciary Committee Vice-Chair    Read             
9/18/2018    Houghtaling & Downey Introduce First-of-its-Kind Tick Control Bill in New Jersey    Read             
9/17/2018    Moriarty, Schaer & Quijano Bill Banning Ghost Guns, 3-D Plastic Firearms in NJ Advances in Assembly    Read             
9/17/2018    Swain, Tully, Benson, Jones 4-Bill Package Reinforcing School Bus Safety for Student Riders Gets Assembly Panel OK to Advance    Read             
9/17/2018    Pinkin Lauds BPU Decision to Open Up Application Window for 1,100 Megawatts of Offshore Wind Capacity    Read             
9/17/2018    Johnson, Schaer & Vainieri Huttle Bill Granting New Jersey Jurisdiction to Prosecute Child Endangerment Cases that take Place Out-of-State Clears Panel    Read             
9/17/2018    Swain Bill Banning Sale and Distribution of Products Containing Asbestos Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
9/17/2018    Lampitt, Moriarty, DeAngelo & Chiaravalloti Bill Protecting Minimum Wage Workers Clears Labor Committee    Read             
Houghtaling & Downey to Join Nurses and Health Professionals Fighting for Patient Safety and Workers' Rights with Congressional and State Representatives

9/17/2018    Lampitt Bill Increasing Penalties for Failing to Secure a Child in a Motor Vehicle Cleared by Committee    Read             
9/17/2018    NJ Education Commissioner Discusses PARCC Changes, Plans for New Statewide Assessment at Joint Assembly & Senate Education Committee Hearing    Read             
9/17/2018    Bills Granting Priority College Course Registration to Military Service Members and Veterans, Academic Credit to Certain Veterans Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
9/17/2018    Pinkin Leads Fight to Keep New Jersey’s Air Clean with Advancement of Resolution    Read             
9/17/2018    Mukherji, Chaparro & Chiaravalloti Cyberinfrastructure Strategic Plan Bill Clears Assembly Panel    Read