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6/24/2016    Prieto, Muoio, Oliver, Schaer, Holley, Mukherji & Quijano Bill to Increase Assistance to Low-Income Families to Help Ease Poverty Advanced by Senate Budget Panel    Read             
6/23/2016    ***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** Speaker Prieto on Need to Pass and Enact Transportation Trust Fund Re-authorization Legislation    Read             
6/23/2016    Wimberly, Sumter, Jasey & Johnson Bill to Bring Healthier Food Options to Urban & Rural Communities Goes to Governor    Read             
6/23/2016    Speaker Prieto on Minimum Wage Passage: Gov. Christie Must Sign this Bill    Read             
6/23/2016    Sumter & Wimberly: FY’17 State Budget Includes Relief for City of Paterson Schools    Read             
6/23/2016    Pintor Marin & Muoio Bill to Boost Aid to Newark & Trenton Hospitals that Serve Some of the Most Uninsured Advances    Read             
6/23/2016    Gusciora on Christie’s School Funding Plan: “Does this mean you will be paying property taxes in Trenton?”    Read             
6/23/2016    Schaer, Vainieri Huttle, Chiaravalloti & Caride Bill to Increase Protections for Young Persons with Developmental Disabilities Receiving State Services Continues Advancing    Read             
6/23/2016    Schaer & Pinkin Bill to Expedite Licensing Process for Home Health Aides Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
6/23/2016    Gusciora, Muoio, Caputo, Mukherji & Chiaravalloti Bill to Extend Urban Enterprise Zone Program Continues Advancing    Read             
6/23/2016    Assembly Democratic Legislation to Boost Funding for Women’s Health Care Clears Committee    Read             
6/23/2016    Prieto & Schaer: Democratic Budget Plan an Investment in New Jersey's Working Families    Read             
6/23/2016    Vainieri Huttle, Lagana, Eustace & Caride Bill to Provide Better Oversight at Bergen Regional Medical Center Clears Committee    Read             
6/23/2016    Assembly Panel Approves Eustace, Gusciora & Quijano Bill to Ensure Needle Exchange Continues in NJ    Read             
6/23/2016    Schaer, Vainieri Huttle, Coughlin & McKnight Bill to Create Real-Time System to Track Available Psych Beds Continues Advancing    Read             
6/23/2016    Muoio & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Enhance Benefits Under Work First New Jersey Program Advances    Read             
6/22/2016    Lagana, Singleton, Wisniewski & DeCroce on TNCs: Fingerprint-Based Background Checks a Must for Public Safety    Read             
6/22/2016    Sumter & Wimberly Bill to Prioritize Temporary Rental Assistance for Work First New Jersey Recipients Advances    Read             
6/22/2016    Sumter & Wimberly: The 'Fairness Formula' is a Catastrophe in the Making for Urban School Districts    Read             
6/22/2016    Eustace, Huttle, Weinberg, Gordon & Advocates Call For Improved Oil Train Safety In New Jersey    Read             
6/22/2016    Andrzejczak, McKnight & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ensure Food Assistance Benefits for Residents Struggling to Find Work Advances    Read             
6/22/2016    Singleton, Conaway, DeAngelo, Benson, Muoio, Houghtaling & Zwicker Bill to Promote Cost-Cutting Small Business Improvements Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/22/2016    Thursday - Assembly Budget Committee to Consider Transportation Trust Fund, State Budget, Women's Health Care, Urban Enterprise Zone, Needle Exchange Program, Anti-Wage Theft & Hospital Funding Legislation    Read             
6/22/2016    DeAngelo, Pinkin, Andrzejczak, Tucker, Conaway & Land Bill to Ensure Economic Vitality of N.J. Military Installations Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/22/2016    Schaer Introduces Legislation to Help Ready New Jersey against the Zika Virus    Read             
6/22/2016    Singleton, Lampitt, Quijano, Pintor Marin & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Help Suicide Prevention Efforts in Schools Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/22/2016    Vainieri Huttle Bill to Prohibit School Expulsions for K-2 Students Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/22/2016    Eustace & Giblin Measure Urging President Obama to Create Presidential Youth Council Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
6/21/2016    Greenwald: “Our funding formula is not what has failed the children of New Jersey, it’s our Governor”    Read             
6/21/2016    Wimberly: We Cannot Afford to Sit Idle    Read             
6/21/2016    McKeon & Zwicker Bill to Limit Use of Environmental Settlement Funds Gains Assembly Panel Approval    Read             
6/21/2016    Gusciora, Singleton, Lagana, Lampitt, Muoio, Caride, Spencer, Mosquera & Tucker Bill to Toughen Penalty for Strangulation in Domestic Violence Cases Advances    Read             
6/21/2016    Coughlin, Vainieri Huttle, Danielsen & Wimberly Bill Ensuring Patients with Disabilities Can Physically Access Doctors' Offices Continues Advancing    Read             
6/20/2016    Coughlin, Schaer, Singleton, Lampitt & Spencer Legislation to Increase Transparency in Out-of-Network Care Costs Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    Greenwald, Houghtaling, Downey, Mosquera & Lampitt Legislation to Counter Christie’s Efforts to Weaken Gun Safety Regulations Continues Advancing    Read             
6/20/2016    DeAngelo, Lagana, Pinkin & McKnight Bill to Include All Disabled Vets Under NJ Transit Discount Program Advances    Read             
6/20/2016    Johnson, Wimberly & Sumter Bill to Help Protect Witnesses of Violent Crimes Continues Advancing    Read             
6/20/2016    Mazzeo, Andrzejczak, Mukherji, Moriarty, Benson, Danielsen & Houghtaling Legislation to Boost Care for ‘Wounded Warriors’ Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    DeAngelo Bill to Better Protect Unemployment Insurance Fund Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    Burzichelli Bill to Cut More Red Tape, Facilitate Job Creation Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    Quijano Bill to Protect NJ Workers from Wage Theft Gains Assembly Panel Approval    Read             
6/20/2016    Vainieri Huttle Bill to Create Ombudsman for Individuals with Intellectual & Developmental Disabilities Advances    Read             
6/20/2016    Johnson, Vainieri Huttle & Eustace Childproof Handgun Bill Gains Assembly Panel Approval    Read             
6/20/2016    Schaer, Danielsen & Sumter Cost-Saving Measure to Expand Medical Parole for Those Posing No Public Safety Threat Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    Assembly Panel Approves Green Bill to Extend Building Permits for Counties Hit Hardest by Superstorm Sandy    Read             
6/20/2016    Prieto, Jimenez, Giblin & Caputo Bill Asking Voters to Ensure Public Employee Pension Funding Continues Advancing    Read             
6/20/2016    Conaway, Singleton, Greenwald & Taliaferro Bill to Boost Survivor Benefits for Children of Law Enforcement & Firefighters Advances    Read             
6/20/2016    Singleton, Conaway, Taliaferro & Tucker Bill to Protect Military Installations from Closures Gains Panel OK    Read             
6/20/2016    Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ensure Substance Abuse Education in Schools Includes Latest Evidence-Based Standards & Practices Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    Wimberly, Spencer & Sumter Bill to Encourage School Districts to Make More Cost-Effective Choices on Property Lease Decisions Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    McKnight & Chiaravalloti Bill to Teach K-8 Students Financial Literacy Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
6/20/2016    *** Rebuilding NJ's Middle-Class ***

Schaer, Vainieri Huttle, Lampitt, Mosquera, Sumter & Wimberly "Breakfast after the Bell' Bill Continues Advancing    Read             
6/19/2016    Combating Wage Theft, Out-of-Network Health Care Costs, Personalized Handguns, Wounded Warriors Caregiver Relief Act & Improved Suicide Prevention in Schools Highlight Monday Assembly Committees    Read