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4/24/2017    Video: Schaer Questions Christie School Security Aid Cut    Read             
4/24/2017    Assembly Majority Leader Lou Greenwald (D-Camden) questions state Department of Education officials during Monday's Assembly Budget Committee hearing on inadequate school funding concerns throughout New Jersey.    Read             
4/24/2017    Videos: Singleton Questions State Education Officials about Inadequate School Funding under Gov. Christie    Read             
4/24/2017    Video: Burzichelli Questions Acting Education Commissioner on Inadequate School Funding under Gov. Christie    Read             
4/24/2017    Video: Wimberly Questions Education Officials about Governor Short-Changing Schools in Paterson and Throughout N.J.    Read             
4/24/2017    Schaer: 'Gov. Christie has left school funding in untenable situation'    Read             
4/24/2017    Wimberly: State Takeovers are Failed Operation, Returning Control to Districts Underfunded and Understaffed is Setting Students Up for Failure    Read             
4/24/2017    Video: A Look at Gov. Christie's Lack of Commitment to Education    Read             
4/24/2017    Schaer: Eliminating Security Funding for Nonpublic Schools Makes Schools, Students More Vulnerable to Attacks    Read             
4/23/2017    Assembly Budget Committee to Review Budget Plans with Department of Education, Schools Development Authority & Judiciary    Read             
4/21/2017    Eustace Encourages Sustainability, Civic Engagement at Ramapo    Read             
4/21/2017    Assembly Panel to Hold Hearing on Airline Passengers' Rights    Read             
4/20/2017    Video: Karabinchak on Concerns about Closure of South Plainfield MVC Facility    Read             
4/20/2017    Video - Eustace: ‘It’s Important All Americans are Represented’    Read             
4/20/2017    Schaer & Jasey Efforts Influence Change in HESAA Policy    Read             
4/19/2017    Pintor Marin & Muoio: Assembly Budget Hearing Highlights Christie’s Neglect of Women’s Issues    Read             
4/19/2017    Prieto Commends Chief Justice Rabner, Backs Request to Stop ICE Arrests at Courthouses Nationwide    Read             
4/18/2017    Resolution Calling on Authorities to Investigate, Ensure Accountability for Superfund Site Cleanup Liability Advances    Read             
4/18/2017    Assembly Budget Committee to Review Budget Plans with Attorney General & Department of Children and Families    Read             
4/18/2017    Video: Eustace on Fighting Corporations Seeking to Avoid Superfund Obligations in New Jersey    Read