Articles for the last 7 days     

5/22/2015    Wimberly and Lampitt Introduce Legislation to Deter Dog Attacks, Strengthen NJ Leash and Fencing Laws    Read             
5/22/2015    Mazzeo, Vainiei Huttle, DeAngelo & Lampitt Introduce Bill Requiring State Agency to Give Proper Notice when Services to Developmentally Disabled are Terminated    Read             
5/21/2015    Eustace: NJT Commuters Deserve Affordable Public Transportation    Read             
5/21/2015    Diegnan Welcomes Decision to Reduce PARCC Testing Time    Read             
5/20/2015    ***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** Burzichelli on Impact of Christie Administration Failed Policies on the FY 2016 Budget    Read             
5/20/2015    McKeon & Jasey: Santa Barbara Oil Spill Adds to Long List of Pilgrim Pipeline Warning Signs    Read             
5/19/2015    Benson Condemns BPUís Approval of Verizon Rate Increase as a Tax Increase on Seniors    Read             
5/19/2015    Jasey Statement on the Termination of Rev. Warren Hall    Read             
5/19/2015    Sumter on Recent Layoffs of Teaching, Instructional Aides in Paterson School District    Read             
5/19/2015    Wednesday - Assembly Budget Committee to Get Revenue Updates from State Treasurer & Office of Legislative Services    Read             
5/18/2015    Fifth District Legislators Hail President's Visit    Read             
5/18/2015    Gusciora Bill to Improve Protections for Stalking Victims Gains Final Legislative Approval    Read             
5/18/2015    Mazzeo & Burzichelli Bill to Increase Business Participation in State Sign Service Programs Goes to the Governor    Read             
5/18/2015    Diegnan & Pinkin Bill to Ensure Elementary School Health and Phys-Ed Professionals are Properly Endorsed Advances    Read             
5/18/2015    Lampitt, Lagana, Jimenez, Eustace & Mazzeo Bill to Promote Flu Vaccination Awareness Among Seniors Continues Advancing    Read             
5/18/2015    Jasey, Diegnan, Mainor, Wimberly & Oliver Bill to Restrict Use of Standardized Testing for Young Students in NJ Schools Continues Advancing    Read             
5/18/2015    Garcia, Mukherji, Vainieri Huttle, Mainor, Eustace & Mosquera Bill to Help Empower Teens to Seek Mental Health Approved by Senate    Read             
5/18/2015    Coughlin, Wisniewski & Mazzeo Bill to Explore New Revenue Opportunities along State Highways Heads to Gov's Desk    Read             
5/17/2015    Monday - Assembly Budget Committee to consider Military and Veterans' Affairs, Banking and Insurance and Agriculture spending    Read