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4/17/2014    Prieto, Jimenez & Garcia Bill to Help Improve Drug & Alcohol Treatment for Inmates Signed Into Law    Read             
4/17/2014    Speaker Prieto Statement on New Rutgers Gas Tax Poll    Read             
4/15/2014    Burzichelli to Introduce Bill to Stem High School Sports Transfer Concerns    Read             
4/14/2014    ***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** Pintor Marin on Lack of Funding for Women's Health Care in FY 2015 Proposed Budget    Read             
4/14/2014    Wimberly on Cancer Research Budget Cuts    Read             
4/14/2014    Cryan Statement on Christie’s Urban Enterprise Zone Tax Hike    Read             
4/14/2014    Prieto Statement on Police & Fire Interest Arbitration    Read