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10/21/2016    McKeon & Gordon Statement on FRA Stating it would have Canceled NJ Transit Meeting to Allow NJ Transit to Testify before Legislature    Read             
10/21/2016    McKeon, Chaparro, Johnson & Muoio NJ Transit Investigation Opening Statements Videos    Read             
10/21/2016    Coughlin, Lampitt, Singleton, Benson, Vainieri Huttle & Mosquera Bill to Add Cyber-Harassment to Domestic Violence Statutes Heads to Governor    Read             
10/21/2016    Houghtaling, Downey, Holley & Muoio Bill to Require Annual Report on Unspent Funds in State Accounts Clears Assembly    Read             
10/21/2016    Wimberly Acts to Ensure Insurance Coverage for Student Athletes    Read             
10/21/2016    Assembly Dems Bill Forgiving Student Loan Debt in Event of Borrowerís Death or Permanent Disability Heads to Governorís Desk    Read             
10/21/2016    Holley, Jasey, McKnight and Quijano Legislation to Enhance Security & Safety Measures in NJ's Schools Goes to Governor    Read             
10/21/2016    DeAngelo, Holley, Mazzeo & Downey Bill to Establish Plan to Publish Missing Persons Alerts Goes to Governor    Read             
10/20/2016    Assembly Passes Pinkin, Sumter, Vainieri Huttle, Gusciora & Muoio Bill to Restrict Use of Solitary Confinement in N.J. Prisons    Read             
10/20/2016    Lampitt, Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Tucker, Wimberly & Downey Bill to Help Residents with Disabilities Access Services Advances    Read             
10/20/2016    Mazzeo, Land, Andrzejczak & DeAngelo Measure Urging USAF to Base New Fighter Jets at 177th Fighter Wing Passes Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    DeAngelo, Giblin & Singleton Bill to Establish Licensure Procedures for Pool and Spa Service Contractors; Creates 7-Member Advisory Committee Passes Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Assembly Approves Giving Judiciary Committee Subpoena Power to Investigate NJ Transit    Read             
10/20/2016    Assembly Passes Caputo Bill to Promote NJ's Contributions to America's Military History    Read             
10/20/2016    Mosquera, Jones, DeAngelo, Mazzeo, Johnson & Houghtaling Bill to Allow NJ Overseas Voters to Cast Ballots Passes Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Singleton, Gusciora, Benson, Zwicker & Danielsen Bill to Fight Christie Adminís Attempt to Resurrect Cruel & Inhumane Hunting Practice Gains Assembly OK    Read             
10/20/2016    Burzichelli, Eustace & Danielsenís Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act Approved by Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Mazzeo Bill to Help Businesses in Western Atlantic County Expand & Create Jobs Heads to Governorís Desk    Read             
10/20/2016    Lagana, Singleton, Moriarty & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Foster Treasury Department Transparency Clears Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Schaer, Tucker, Benson & Caputo Bill to Increase Personal Needs Allowance Under Medicaid, SSI for Vets Clears Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Assembly Approves Conaway, Vainieri Huttle, Benson & McKnight Bill to Help Increase Affordability of EpiPens Amidst Skyrocketing Costs    Read             
10/20/2016    Singleton & Downey Bill to Require Governor to Detail New Revenue Proposals Gains Assembly Approval    Read             
10/20/2016    Singleton, Speaker Prieto, DeAngelo, Lagana & Houghtaling Bill to Require Debt Affordability Study in Annual Debt Report Advances    Read             
10/20/2016    Schaer & Prieto Bill to Help New Jersey Combat Spread of Zika Virus Gains Assembly Approval    Read             
10/20/2016    Zwicker, Benson, Schaer & Holley Legislation Urging Congress to Ensure Students Access to Debt-Free Higher Education Clears Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Lagana, Singleton & Wisniewski Bill to Establish Standards for Ride-Hailing Companies Clears Assembly    Read             
10/20/2016    Zwicker, Prieto, Vainieri Huttle, Lampitt & Muoio Measure to Commemorate 100th Anniversary of Planned Parenthood Clears General Assembly    Read             
10/19/2016    Quijano Introduces Legislation to Secure At-Risk Non-Profits    Read             
10/19/2016    NJ Transit Investigation, Aid in Dying for the Terminally Ill Act, Regulating Transportation Network Companies, State Spending Transparency & Zika Virus Action Plan Top Thursday Assembly Session    Read             
10/18/2016    Moriarty & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Create Public Website Detailing State Expenditures Clears Assembly Committee    Read             
10/18/2016    Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ban Housing Discrimination Against Disabled Residents with Guide/Service Dogs Advances    Read             
10/18/2016    Mosquera & Holley Bill to Promote Communication Between Comptroller, Governor & Legislature Regarding Audits Advances    Read             
10/17/2016    Lagana, Singleton, Moriarty & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Foster Treasury Department Transparency Advances    Read             
10/17/2016    Sumter, Jasey, Muoio & Benson Introduce HESAA Reform Bill Package    Read             
10/17/2016    Schaer, Singleton, Eustace, Pinkin & Downey Bill to End Revenue Disputes, Create More Accurate Budget Forecasting Process Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
10/17/2016    Assembly Panel Approves Vainieri Huttle Bill to Help Towns Crack Down on Smoking Ban without Criminalizing Smokers    Read             
10/17/2016    Schaer & Singleton Bill to Encourage Pension Fund Investments in In-State Infrastructure Projects Clears Assembly Committee    Read