Articles for the last 7 days     

9/21/2014    Raising Judicial Retirement Age, Improved Wildlife Control for Farmers, Discussion on Port Authority Reform & Enhanced Veterans' Services Top Monday Assembly Committee Meetings    Read             
9/19/2014    McKeon Statement on People’s Climate March    Read             
9/19/2014    Diegnan Bill to Require Coin Exchange Machines to Disclose Fees Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/19/2014    Fuentes: Notable Speakers Mark 4th Annual Hispanic Leadership Summit    Read             
9/19/2014    WEDNESDAY - Assembly Panel to Hold First Special Hearing on New Jersey's Transportation Funding Crisis    Read             
9/18/2014    Mazzeo & Whelan To Port Authority: ‘AC’s Airport Workers Need A Raise Too’    Read             
9/18/2014    Benson Bill to Enhance Awareness, Protect Children from Lead Poisoning Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Gusciora, Eustace, Jasey & Quijano Bill to Encourage Police, Firefighters, Teachers and Sanitation Workers to Buy Homes in Towns Where They Work Released by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Assembly Panel Moves Diegnan, Moriarty Bill Banning Manufacturing and Sale of Microbead Cosmetic Products in New Jersey    Read             
9/18/2014    Assembly Panel Ok’s Democratic Legislation to Train the Struggling Unemployed to Find Work in New Industries    Read             
9/18/2014    Singleton, Schaer, Benson, Eustace & Mosquera Bill to Improve Reporting and Disclosure of State Tax Expenditures Continues Advancing    Read             
9/18/2014    Benson, DeAngelo, Quijano, Lampitt & Giblin Bill to Boost College Internships in Life Sciences Field Ok’d by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Stender & Scutari Introduce Bill to Prohibit Sale of Pure Caffeine Powder to Minors    Read             
9/18/2014    Assembly Panel Moves Conaway, Eustace, Vainieri Huttle, Lagana & Pinkin Measure to Create Medicaid Smart Card Pilot Program & Address Fraud    Read             
9/18/2014    Assembly Panel OKs Fuentes, Gusciora Bill to Combat Scrap Metal Theft In NJ    Read             
9/18/2014    Singleton, Vainieri Huttle & Benson Bill to Promote Donations to ALS Research Released by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Assembly Panel Ok’s Bill Package Aimed at Making College More Affordable and Attainable for NJ Students    Read             
9/18/2014    DeAngelo: BPU Nominations will Provide Varied Experience to Utility Oversight Agency    Read             
9/18/2014    Wisniewski Statement on Christie Nomination of Jamie Fox as New Jersey Transportation Commissioner    Read             
9/18/2014    Greenwald: Fox the 'Right Choice' for Transportation Commissioner    Read             
9/18/2014    Prieto Statement on Fox & Chivukula Nominations    Read             
9/18/2014    Lampitt Bill Bolstering Car Safety for Young Children Continues Advancing    Read             
9/18/2014    Andrzejczak & Benson Legislation to Crack Down on Illegal Telemarketing Practices Gets OK from Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Speaker Prieto Hails Senate Advancement of Vocational Education Improvement Package    Read             
9/18/2014    DeAngelo & Lagana Bill Targeting Automobile Insurance Fraud Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Conaway, Chivukula, Benson & Pinkin Bill to Allow Residents to Text 9-1-1 Clears First Legislative Hurdle    Read             
9/18/2014    Mainor & Mukherji Bill to Test Effectiveness of State's Probation & Rehabilitation Programs Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Johnson & Mainor Bill Requiring Higher Ed. Police Departments to Adopt Policing Procedures Used by All Law Enforcement in NJ Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
9/18/2014    Assembly Panel Releases Johnson & Mainor Bill to Expand Access to DNA Testing, Exonerate the Wrongfully Convicted    Read             
9/17/2014    Vainieri Huttle & Conaway Join with Legislators in Announcing Bipartisan Prescription Drug and Heroin Abuse Package    Read             
9/17/2014    Tuition Freeze & More Higher Education Reform, 911 Texting & New Consumer Protections Top Thursday Assembly Committee Meetings    Read             
9/16/2014    Cryan Highlights Tuition Freeze Bill as Cornerstone of Higher Ed Reform Package to be considered on Thursday    Read             
9/16/2014    Prieto: Forward NJ Report Welcome Addition to TTF Discussion    Read             
9/15/2014    Jasey Honored to Participate in Food Stamp Challenge    Read             
9/15/2014    Wimberly, Jasey & Benson 'Reader Privacy Act' To Upgrade NJ Book Privacy Laws Continues Advancing    Read             
9/15/2014    Assembly Approves Mainor, Sumter, Wilson & Riley Bill to Create Task Force to Review, Make Safety Recommendations for NJ Halfway Houses    Read             
9/15/2014    Eustace, Lagana, Mosquera, Vainieri Huttle & Wimberly Bill to Protect Against Flooding & Boost Smart Development Advances in Senate    Read             
9/15/2014    Prieto, Lagana, Andrzejczak, Benson & Mazzeo Bill to Boost After-Hospital Care for Patients Continues Advancing    Read             
9/15/2014    Cryan, Benson, Singleton, Lampitt, Riley & Pinkin Bill to Boost Participation in School Breakfast Program Advances in Senate    Read             
9/15/2014    Quijano, Eustace Bill to Ensure Proper Training and Use of Defibrillators In New Jersey Schools Passes Assembly    Read             
9/15/2014    Mukherji, Quijano & Pinkin Bill to Promote Public Awareness and Education About Parkinson's Disease Continues to Advance    Read             
9/15/2014    Moriarty, Benson & Wimberly Bill Outlawing Unsolicited Text Message Ads Continues Advancing    Read             
9/15/2014    Moriarty & Vainieri Huttle Bill Targeting Unsolicited Checks Advanced by Senate Panel    Read             
9/15/2014    Mukherji, Watson Coleman & Gusciora Bill to Allocate Funds for Infrastructure Repair Loans Gains Unanimous Assembly Approval    Read             
9/15/2014    General Assembly Unanimously Approves Comprehensive Legislative Strategy to Combat Domestic Violence    Read             
9/15/2014    McKeon: Buying Back Our Safety    Read             
9/15/2014    McKeon, Prieto, Greenwald, Mainor, Jasey & Schaer Bill to Create Statewide Gun Buyback Program Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/15/2014    Mainor, Johnson, Wimberly & Mukherji "Marc Anthony's Law" Bill to Protect Police Officers Approved by Assembly    Read