Articles for the last 7 days     

10/30/2014    Diegnan, Johnson & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Require Sexual Assault Training for Law Enforcement Officers Clears Panel    Read             
10/30/2014    Assembly Panel Approves Eustace, Andrzejczak, DeAngelo & Sumter Bill to Give Veterans and Certain Groups Access to Filing for Unemployment Benefits Online    Read             
10/30/2014    Greenwald: Public Health Requires Steady, Science-Based Leadership, Not Knee-Jerk Reactions    Read             
10/30/2014    Mazzeo Proposes Increased Property Tax Relief for Atlantic County    Read             
10/30/2014    Singleton, Mukherji & DeAngelo Bill to Create the "Task Force on Construction Industry Workplace Safety and Health" Advances    Read             
10/29/2014    Assembly Panel Approves Sumter Bill to Ease Disability to Work Transition for Residents    Read             
10/29/2014    Singleton & Andrzejczak Legislation to Promote Locally-Grown Produce in Schools Clears Panel    Read             
10/29/2014    Mazzeo & Andrzejczak Unveil 'Disaster Victims Protection Act' to Ensure Fair Relief Allocation for Residents and Businesses    Read             
10/29/2014    Benson, Moriarty & Wisniewski Bill to Help Prevent Consumers from Getting Roped Into Endless Contracts Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
10/28/2014    Assembly Panel Advances Vainieri Huttle, Mukherji and Sumter Bill Package to Overhaul Delivery of Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services in Prison    Read             
10/28/2014    Vainieri Huttle, Sumter & Mukherji Bill to Create Addiction Treatment Consumer Report Card Approved by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/28/2014    Stender: One-Seat Service Will Better Serve Commuters, Improve Quality of Life    Read             
10/28/2014    Singleton, Conaway, Andrzejczak, Mazzeo, Riley, Garcia & Mosquera Bill to Require Annual Report on State Workforce Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/28/2014    Singleton Introduces Legislation to Overhaul Position of Lieutenant Governor    Read             
10/28/2014    Mazzeo Introduces Tax Reform Bill as Part of Ongoing Effort to Make Atlantic County More Affordable    Read             
10/28/2014    Burzichelli Bill to Allow Certain Preserved Farmlands to Establish Microenterprises Clears First Legislative Hurdle    Read             
10/28/2014    Lagana Moves Tax Reform Bill to Help Make NJ more Affordable    Read             
10/28/2014    Pinkin Bill to Stop Unwanted, Unsolicited Telemarketing Calls to Residents' Cell Phones Cleared by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Assembly Human Services Committee to Hold Special Hearing at Fairleigh Dickinson to Address Opiate Addiction Crisis    Read             
10/27/2014    Eustace, Benson, Vainieri Huttle, Lagana & Caride Legislation to Encourage Safe Disposal of Prescription Drugs Moves Forward    Read             
10/27/2014    Stender, Caputo, Lagana & Benson Bill to Toughen Drunken Driving Penalties Continues Advancing    Read             
10/27/2014    Eustace, Schaer & Mazzeo Bill to Help Generate Savings for Municipal & County Governments Clears Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Watson Coleman & Tucker Bill to Honor Historic Black Sorority Clears Senate Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Benson, Prieto, Caride & Quijano Bill to Set Clear Standards for Use of Drones in New Jersey Released by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Sumter, Wimberly, Green & Garcia Legislation to Require Generators in Apartment Buildings Clears Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Mazzeo, Pinkin & Mukherji Bill to Establish Interest-Free Extension for Property Tax Payments After Natural Disasters Gains Panel OK    Read             
10/27/2014    Bipartisan Port Authority Reform Legislation Gets OK from Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Burzichelli Bill to Strengthen Legal Protections for Farmers Advanced by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Assembly Panel Approves Riley Measure to Help Preserve Cranberry Production by Easing Burdensome Permit Costs    Read             
10/27/2014    Singleton, Lampitt, Quijano and Pintor Marin Bill to Help Boost Suicide Prevention in Schools OK’d by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Singleton, Lampitt, Quijano & Pintor Marin Bill to Require State to Reveal Complete Property Tax Data Annually Continues Advancing    Read             
10/27/2014    Mainor & McKeon Bill to Ban Smokeless Tobacco from Public Schools Advanced by Assembly Committee    Read             
10/27/2014    Lampitt & Mukherji Earned Sick Leave Bill Released by Assembly Committee    Read             
10/27/2014    Caride, Watson Coleman, Burzichelli, Eustace, Wilson & Riley Bill Package to Protect & Celebrate New Jersey's Natural Habitats Released by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/27/2014    Mazzeo Bill to Control Running Bamboo & Help Homeowners Combating the Invasive Plant Released by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/26/2014    Earned Sick Leave & Port Authority Reform Top Monday Assembly Committee Meetings    Read             
10/24/2014    Caputo Statement on Federal Sports Gaming Ruling    Read             
10/24/2014    Schaer Cancels Monday’s Budget Hearing; Reissues Invite to NJ Transit & MVC to Discuss Serious Budget Matters    Read             
10/24/2014    Coughlin Bill to Help Those Found Innocent to Rebuild Their Lives & Reputation Released by Assembly Panel    Read             
10/24/2014    Garcia, Mainor, Mukherji & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ensure Legal Representation for Children When Parental Rights Are Terminated Advances    Read             
10/24/2014    Democratic Bill to Promote Cost-Cutting Small Business Improvements Gets Panel OK    Read             
10/24/2014    Burzichelli Bill Prohibiting Rental and Sale of Motor Vehicles Subject to Safety Recalls Advances in the Assembly    Read             
10/24/2014    Garcia, Coughlin, Green, McKeon, Andrzejczak & Fuentes Look to Speed Process for Maintaining Foreclosed Vacant Properties    Read             
10/24/2014    Caride Introduces Measure Urging Congress to Deny American Citizens & Residents who Leave Country to Join Foreign Terrorist Groups Re-entry to the US    Read