Articles for the last 7 days     

9/30/2014    5-Bill Higher Education Reform Package, Eliminating Sports Gaming Prohibitions, Woman's Health & Senior Citizen Protections Top Thursday Assembly Committee Meetings    Read             
9/29/2014    Assembly Approves Andrzejczak & Singleton Bill to Help Provide Financial Stability to School Districts on Military Bases    Read             
9/29/2014    Assembly Unanimously Passes Diegnan, Moriarty, Eustace & Stender Bill to Ban Production and Sale of Microbead Cosmetic Products in NJ    Read             
9/29/2014    Assembly Passes Diegnan & Wimberly Bill to Require Coin Exchange Machines to Disclose Fees    Read             
9/29/2014    Singleton Disappointed by Republicans’ Failure to Support Christie Veto Override after Offering Unanimous Support Last Time    Read             
9/29/2014    Greenwald Hails ‘Real, Bipartisan Progress’ in Job-Growth Legislation    Read             
9/29/2014    Schaer, Wisniewski & Watson Coleman Measure to Support Israel in Defense Against Hamas Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/29/2014    Fuentes, Gusciora Bill to Combat Scrap Metal Theft in NJ Clears Assembly    Read             
9/29/2014    Prieto, Lagana, Andrzejczak, Benson & Mazzeo Bill to Boost After-Hospital Care Gains Final Legislative Approval    Read             
9/29/2014    ***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** Andrzejczak, Mazzeo, Burzichelli & Wilson Bill to Allow Recreational Activity Such as Youth Soccer on Pinelands Protected Land Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/29/2014    Singleton, Lampitt, Quijano & Pintor Marin Bill to Require State to Reveal Complete Property Tax Data Annually Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/29/2014    DeAngelo, Lagana, Garcia & Andrzejczak Bill Targeting Automobile Insurance Fraud Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/29/2014    Prieto & Bramnick: N.J. Assembly Joins in Condemnation of ISIS    Read             
9/29/2014    Benson & Wimberly Bill to Enhance Awareness, Protect Children from Lead Poisoning Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/29/2014    Johnson & Mainor Bill Requiring Higher Ed. Police Departments to Adopt Policing Procedures Used by All Law Enforcement in NJ Approved by Assembly    Read             
9/28/2014    Allowing Youth Soccer in Pinelands, Hospital Caregivers, Combating Metal Theft & Override of Christie Veto on Debt Report Requirements Top Monday Assembly Voting Session    Read             
9/26/2014    McKeon: Gun Buyback Program Should be Expanded    Read             
9/25/2014    Mazzeo Introduces Bill to Ensure Hardest Hit Victims Get Much-Needed Disaster Aid Quickly in Wake of Hurricane Sandy Lessons    Read             
9/25/2014    Mukherji, Watson Coleman & Gusciora Bill to Allocate Funds for Dam Repair Loans Gains Final Legislative Approval    Read             
9/24/2014    Burzichelli & Riley Bill to Update Farming Laws Gains Panel Approval    Read             
9/24/2014    Prieto Statement on First Assembly Hearing on Transportation Funding Crisis    Read             
9/24/2014    Wisniewski Statement on First Hearing on NJ’s Transportation Funding Crisis    Read             
9/24/2014    Burzichelli Asks State and Federal Prosecutors for Criminal Investigation into Conrail in Wake of 2012 Bridge Derailment    Read