Articles for the last 7 days     

7/21/2017    TUESDAY: Eustace Continues to Raise Awareness of Native Bat Population in NJ    Read             
7/21/2017    Assembly Democratic Bill Package to Provide Free Mental Health Services, Extend Certain Benefits to Gold Star Families Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Quijano Statement on Airbnb Bill Veto    Read             
7/21/2017    Taliaferro, Andrzejczak, Lampitt, Mosquera & Holley Bill Creating 'Nourishing Young Minds Initiative Fund' to Support School Nutrition Programs Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Greenwald, Vainieri Huttle, Schaer, Mukherji, Holley, Mosquera, Muoio, Sumter & Mazzeo Bill to Prohibit Suspension of Professional Licenses Due to Inability to Pay Student Loans Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Sumter, Jasey, Muoio, Lagana, Downey & Benson HESAA Transparency Measure Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Sumter, Vainieri Huttle & Lampitt Bill to Establish Career Training Program for Low-Income Women Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Lampitt, Coughlin, Conaway, Vainieri Huttle, Lagana & Mukherji 'Telemedicine' Bill Signed into Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Vainieri Huttle & Caride Bill to Create Safe & Welcoming School Environment for Trans Students Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Schaer, Vainieri Huttle, Coughlin, McKnight & Mukherji Measure to Create Real-Time System to Track Available Psych Beds Signed into Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Vainieri Huttle, Eustace, Pinkin, Jasey & Johnson Bill to Protect Transgender Persons from Discrimination in Health-Care Coverage Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Prieto Statement on Christie’s Gutting of Bill to Expand & Improve New Jersey’s Paid Family Leave Program    Read             
7/21/2017    New Jersey Becomes Just Third State to Raise Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21 as Vainieri Huttle & Conaway Bill is Signed into Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Lagana & Moriarty Bill to Protect Consumer Privacy & Prevent Identity Theft Signed into Law    Read             
7/21/2017    McKeon, Jasey & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ensure Stiff Penalties for Vehicular Homicide while Drunk Driving Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Quijano Will Introduce Resolution Urging US Department Of Education to Maintain Campus Sexual Assault Protections Created under Obama Administration    Read             
7/21/2017    Schaer, Jasey, Benson & Wimberly College Affordability & Preparedness Bill Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    DeAngelo, Giblin, Singleton, Holley & Benson Bill to Ask Voters to Support Creation & Expansion of Public Libraries Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Vainieri Huttle, Prieto & Downey Bill to Crackdown on Child Pornographers, Stiffen Penalties Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Vainieri Huttle & Jimenez Bill to Modify Law on Certain Heinous Crimes against Minors Now Law    Read             
Prieto & Giblin Bill to Crack Down on Plumbing, HVACR Contractors Practicing Without a License Now Law    Read             
7/21/2017    Caride & McKeon Bill to Ensure County College Students Who Transfer Attain Associate's Degree if Eligible Now Law    Read             
7/20/2017    McKnight Introduces Bill to Equip Teachers, School Staff to Help Victims of Child Trafficking    Read             
7/19/2017    McKeon: NJ Transit to be Subpoenaed    Read             
7/19/2017    Muoio Questions Amtrak’s Failure to Address Aging Wire System Powering Northeast Corridor    Read             
7/19/2017    Zwicker Book Drive Donates Thousands of Books for Children    Read             
7/19/2017    McKnight Introduces Measure to Establish Task Force Focused on Improving Housing Access for Senior Citizens    Read             
7/18/2017    McKeon & Gordon to Lead Hearing on Progress of NY Penn Station Repairs & NJ Transit Operations    Read             
7/18/2017    Holley & Lesniak Seek Legislative Support for 'TrumpCare Nullification Act'    Read             
7/17/2017    McKnight Introduces Measure to Raise Awareness of Resources Available to Help Victims of Domestic Violence    Read