Articles for the last 7 days     

4/24/2015    DeAngelo & Benson: NJ Transit Proposes Fare Hike at a Very Bad Time    Read             
4/24/2015    Wimberly: A bill to Curb Heroin and Opioid Addiction in NJ    Read             
4/23/2015    ***MULTIMEDIA PACKAGE*** McKeon, Pintor Marin Discuss the Need to Further
Examine PARCC Implementation in New Jersey    Read             
4/23/2015    Van Drew & Andrzejczak to Introduce Legislation to Protect Children Forced to Travel Hazardous Routes to School    Read             
4/23/2015    Mazzeo Urges Christie to Sign Bill to Improve Oversight of Pension Fund Investments    Read             
4/22/2015    Burzichelli: Make School District Consolidation a Priority    Read             
4/22/2015    Schaer & Lampitt Introduce Legislation to Make Sure Security Needs in Nonpublic Schools are Met    Read             
4/22/2015    Singleton: Safety of DCF Employees Should be Prioritized    Read             
4/21/2015    Wimberly: More Help Needed to Fight Addiction    Read             
4/21/2015    Wednesday - Assembly Budget Committee to Examine Education & Children and Families Spending    Read             
4/20/2015    Wisniewski on NJ Transit Fare Hikes: Commuters are Paying the Price for the Governorís Inaction    Read             
4/20/2015    Prieto & Sweeney: Legislature will Act in Support of Pension Lawsuit    Read             
4/20/2015    Schaer Raises Concerns over Lengthy & Costly Delay in Upgrading Computer Systems to Administer Critical Safety Net Programs    Read             
4/20/2015    Muoio: Speak Out Against ExxonMobil Settlement    Read             
4/20/2015    Speaker Prieto: NJ Transit Fare Hike Plan an Affront to Working Class New Jersey    Read             
4/19/2015    Monday - Assembly Budget Committee to consider Department of Human Services/Medicaid spending    Read