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Mainor & McKeon Bill to Ban Smokeless Tobacco from Public Schools Advanced by Assembly Committee

Legislation Assembly Democrats Charles Mainor and John McKeon sponsored to prohibit the use of smokeless tobacco at public schools was released Monday by an Assembly committee.

"A person can become addicted to smokeless tobacco, just as with cigarettes, because smokeless tobacco contains nicotine," said Mainor (D-Hudson). "Research indicates that teens who use smokeless tobacco are more likely to become cigarette smokers than non-users."

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Garcia, Coughlin, Green, McKeon, Andrzejczak & Fuentes Look to Speed Process for Maintaining Foreclosed Vacant Properties

Legislation Assembly Democrats Carmelo Garcia, Craig Coughlin, Speaker Pro Tempore Jerry Green, John McKeon, Bob Andrzejczak and Angel Fuentes sponsored to provide an expedited process for foreclosing vacant and abandoned residential properties in uncontested actions was released Thursday by an Assembly panel.

"We've seen vacant properties throughout New Jersey destabilize neighborhoods and hurt property values," said Garcia (D-Hudson). "I view this as common sense - if a property is vacant and abandoned in an uncontested situation, then let's speed the process by which somebody will become responsible for it..."

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