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Video: Speaker Prieto on the Importance of Fixing School Funding

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) testified Tuesday before the Joint Committee on Public Schools on the importance of crafting a new school funding formula that strikes the right balance.

Watch the video here.

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Prieto: Balance in Delivering a Quality Education is Our Ultimate Goal

Speaker Testifies Before Joint Legislative Panel on School Funding Formula
Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto testified Tuesday before a joint legislative committee on the importance of crafting a new school funding formula that strikes the right balance for New Jersey's diverse population, an issue that the Assembly will begin to delve into tomorrow with the first of several public hearings on the matter.

"Our school funding formula is one of the most important issues facing our state right now, one that demands long overdue attention. Our constitution mandates a thorough and efficient education for every child and it's our obligation to make sure that is a reality. I commend the Joint Committee on the Public Schools for joining us in taking up this task.

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Wednesday - Assembly Education Panel to Begin Hearings on School Funding

The Assembly Education Committee will convene at 10 a.m. Wednesday to begin hearings on school funding concerns.

The Wednesday hearing is set for 10 a.m. in Committee Room 11 on the 4th floor of the State House Annex. The committee will hear testimony regarding the School Funding Reform Act of 2008 and other matters related to education funding in the state...

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Speaker Prieto Statement on MLK Jr. Day 2017

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen) released the following statement Monday on Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2017:

"Today we again pause to remember the life of a great man - Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As we always do on this day, we recall his works and the great and historic things they accomplished for so many when it comes to civil rights, public service and what it means to be an American..."

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Prieto Calls On Sweeney to Join Him in Examining School Funding System

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto Assembly Speaker Urges Senate President to Follow Through On His Stated Willingness to Study School Funding Fairness

Assembly Speaker Vincent Prieto on Wednesday called on Senate President Stephen Sweeney to join him in studying school funding fairness without predetermined outcomes or politics.

"There is no mystery to the fact that we need to study school funding fairness without predetermining the outcome or getting political," said Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen). "The Assembly is beginning a series of hearings on school funding concerns and how to improve the process. In fact, members of both houses have publicly asked both of us for hearings..."

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