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Moriarty & Benson Bill to Restrict Access to Motor Vehicle Recording Device Data & Protect Driver Privacy Gets Final Legislative OK

Legislation Assemblymen Paul Moriarty and Daniel Benson sponsored to limit access to data from devices in automobiles that can capture information about the driver's activity was approved 73-0 Thursday by the Assembly, giving it final legislative approval.

"The preservation of electronic data from any of these sources is becoming vital to the defense of litigation in accidents," said Moriarty (D-Camden/Gloucester). "These recordings may be the most reliable and objective source of information about the events that occurred just prior to a crash. This legislation is necessary to preserve the integrity of the recordings and protect what may be used as evidence in court..."

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Democratic Bill to Ban Production, Sale of Microbead Cosmetic Products in N.J. Now Law

Sponsors Cite Rising Environmental Concerns; NJ Joins Other States, including New York, in Introducing Legislation Aimed at Eliminating Microbeads from Personal Products

A bill Assembly Democrats Patrick Diegnan, Paul Moriarty, Tim Eustace, Linda Stender, Marlene Caride and Shavonda Sumter sponsored to address the growing environmental concerns over beauty products containing microbeads is now law.

"I applaud the companies who have recognized the ill effects that polyethylene microspheres have on the environment and stand with us as we take steps to curb its use," said Diegnan (D-Middlesex), noting that some companies have begun to phase out the use of microbeads voluntarily. "By banning these products, we are preserving New Jersey's environmental heritage and protecting marine life."

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