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Lampitt, Moriarty, DeAngelo & Chiaravalloti Bill Protecting Minimum Wage Workers Clears Labor Committee

A bill sponsored by Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Paul Moriarty, Wayne DeAngelo, and Nick Chiaravalloti revising part of the Prevailing Wage Act was approved by the Assembly Labor Committee on Monday.

“There are bad actors in New Jersey who have found it more cost effective to pay the penalty for wage and hour violations rather than pay their employees full wages,” said Lampitt (D-Camden/Burlington). “The penalties for violations of New Jersey’s Wage and Hour laws have not been updated in nearly three decades it is critical that adjustments be made to protect our workers and ensure that they are fairly paid for their labor. Our workers are a priority in New Jersey, and this bill would increase paycheck security.”

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Lampitt Bill Increasing Penalties for Failing to Secure a Child in a Motor Vehicle Cleared by Committee

Increases Fines from $10-25 to $100, Allows Provisions for First-time Offenses

A bill sponsored Assemblywoman Pamela Lampitt (D-Burlington, Camden) increasing penalties for motor vehicle operators who fail to secure a child under age eight, and weighing less than 80 pounds in a child passenger restraint system or booster seat in a rear seat, cleared the Assembly Women and Children Committee Monday.

The current penalty for failing to take this crucial safety precaution is a fine ranging between $10-$25. The bill, (A-2095), increases the penalty for a first offense to a fine of $100, however, for a first offense, the court is to waive the fine if the defendant demonstrates that he or she has a child passenger restraint system. The fine for second and subsequent offenses would be no less than $250 and no more than $500.

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NJ Education Commissioner Discusses PARCC Changes, Plans for New Statewide Assessment at Joint Assembly & Senate Education Committee Hearing

With changes slated for the PARCC test as part of the plan by the Murphy administration to transition to a different statewide assessment, the Assembly and Senate Education committees held a joint hearing on Monday to hear from the commissioner of education about the proposed changes to ensure they do not interfere with the delivery of education in the state.

"While education has placed an overemphasis on standardized testing in recent years, these assessments still serve as a critical tool in gauging student growth, and are one of the only objective measures in assessing teacher performance," said Assembly Education Chair Pamela Lampitt (D-Burlington). "We need to ensure that whatever direction the department takes, takes this into account. We cannot help students if we don't know what areas they are struggling with."

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