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DeAngelo, Schaer, Mosquera & Mukherji Bills to Protect & Reform N.J. Unemployment Benefits Fund Released by Assembly Committee

A legislative bill package sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Gary Schaer, Gabriela Mosquera and Raj Mukherji to better protect the state's Unemployment Insurance Fund from fraud and ensure it's used only by those it was created to assist - unemployed New Jerseyans - were released Thursday by the Assembly Labor Committee.

"Out-of-work New Jerseyans deserve this help, and every taxpayer deserves to know the benefits system they pay into is protected as best as possible from fraud that, in the end, only costs everyone more money," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex)...

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DeAngelo, Eustace, Lampitt, Wilson & Andrzejczak Bill to Encourage Hiring of Vets as Troopers Signed into Law

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne P. DeAngelo, Tim Eustace, Pamela R. Lampitt, Whip Wilson and Sgt. Bob Andrzejczak that would require combat veterans to be considered priority candidates among applicants to the New Jersey State Police has been signed into law. The law (A-1510) gives otherwise qualified candidates who have served in the military preference for employment at the statewide law enforcement agency, a practice already in place for civil service positions at the state, county and municipal level.

"Above all else, it is the duty of our police officers to safeguard the rights of New Jersey's citizens," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "I can think of no group of men and women more qualified to carry out that mission than those with a proven record of honorably putting themselves in harm's way in defense of these very rights..."

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