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Vainieri Huttle & DeAngelo Bill Establishing “Art in Storefronts” Initiative to Invigorate Main Street Businesses Clears Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Wayne DeAngelo to establish the "Art in Storefronts" initiative to help struggling Main Street business districts has cleared the full Assembly by a vote of 70-2-1.

"You look at any town that has reinvented itself and is thriving, and there is a good chance that art played a role," said Vainieri Huttle (D-Bergen). "This initiative would promote local art while providing Main Street municipalities looking to reinvigorate their downtowns with an economic development tool that has proven effective in transforming depressed communities."

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Assembly Democratic Bill to Promote Equal Pay for Women Heads to Governor’s Desk

Bill Sponsored by Downey, Lampitt, Schaer, Houghtaling, Benson, Singleton, Muoio & DeAngelo
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Joann Downey, Pamela Lampitt, Gary Schaer, Eric Houghtaling, Dan Benson, Troy Singleton, Elizabeth Maher Muoio and Wayne DeAngelo to promote equal pay for women received final legislative approval from the Senate on Monday.

The bill, which was approved by the Assembly last month, now heads to the Governor's desk.

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DeAngelo, Land, Chaparro & Wimberly Bill to Allow VA Documentation to Prove Eligibility for Disability ID Placard Heads to Governor's Desk

Measure Would Make It Easier for Disabled Vets to Access Reserved Parking Spaces
(TRENTON) - Legislation Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Bruce Land, Annette Chaparro and Benjie Wimberly sponsored to make it easier for veterans with disabilities to get around in New Jersey cleared the legislature on Thursday and now heads to the Governor for further consideration.
Current law classifies someone as disabled if he or she: lost the use of at least one limb due to paralysis, amputation or other permanent disability or cannot walk independently or has some other form of limited mobility as certified by a physician.

The bill (A-3749) would revise the law to allow a person designated by the Department of Veterans Affairs as a "100 percent disabled veteran" to receive parking privileges reserved for people with disabilities. Under the legislation, any New Jersey resident honorably discharged or released under honorable circumstances from active military service and deemed permanently 100 percent disabled would be considered a "person with a disability" under the law and eligible for parking privileges accordingly.

"Veterans who incur a service-connected injury shouldn't have to take additional action to prove that they have a disability if they already have documentation from the VA," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex), vice-chair of the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. "A VA designation is sufficient. Requiring anything more only puts an undue burden on New Jersey residents who sacrificed so much for this country."

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DeAngelo, Danielsen, Holley, Houghtaling & Downey Bill to Ensure Timely Decisions on Unemployment Insurance Benefits Clears Legislature, Goes to Gov

Bill Requires Initial Notification to Be Issued No Later Than Three Weeks from Receipt of Claim
(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Joseph Danielsen, James Holley, Eric Houghtaling and Joann Downey to establish a deadline for the issuance of determination notices to applicants for unemployment benefits cleared the legislature on Thursday with final passage by the Senate, 36-1. The bill will now go to the Governor for further review.

"When someone's out of a job and facing financial hardship, unemployment benefits may be the only thing that keeps the lights on and puts food on the table," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "Making sure people get their benefits sooner will limit the strain on jobless workers as they try to get back on their feet."

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DeAngelo, Mosquera, Wisniewski & Mukherji Bill Creating Veterans Motorcycle License Plates Heads to Governor

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Gabriela Mosquera, John Wisniewski and Raj Mukherji to create special motorcycle license plates for veterans unanimously cleared the full Assembly on Thursday and now heads to the Governor's desk.

"Veterans take pride in having served their country, and they ought to be able to express that in as many ways as possible," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "With this legislation, New Jersey will join several states across the nation in making special license plates available to veterans who ride motorcycles."

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Assembly Oks DeAngelo and Houghtaling Bill to Provide Free Internet Service for Public Libraries

(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assemblymen Wayne DeAngelo and Eric Houghtaling to require certain cable television companies to provide free internet access to public libraries was approved by the Assembly, 71-3-1, on Thursday.

"Public libraries serve as the sole source of the internet for many who need access but do not have it," said DeAngelo (D- Mercer, Middlesex). "For an individual looking for work or a student working on a homework assignment, the ability to go right to a public library and use the internet is critically important. Free internet service in one or more public libraries in a community will be a great service to residents across the state."

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Conaway, Houghtaling, Quijano, Giblin, DeAngelo & Mukherji Bill to Improve Delivery of EMS Services Clears Legislature

Legislation also establishes New Jersey Emergency Medical Services Task Force to provide support & training for specialized responses
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Herb Conaway, Jr., M.D., Eric Houghtaling, Annette Quijano, Thomas Giblin and Wayne DeAngelo to improve the delivery of emergency medical services (EMS) in New Jersey by establishing certain data reporting requirements for EMS providers and dispatch centers received final legislative approval from both houses on Thursday.

Under the bill (A-4925), basic life support ambulance services, mobile intensive care units, air medical services, and volunteer and non-volunteer first aid, rescue, and ambulance squads would be required to report certain data to the state Department of Health (DOH), which will create a system to evaluate the data to help improve outcomes.

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Mazzeo, Mukherji, DeAngelo, Andrzejczak & Tucker Bill to Increase Support for Disabled Veterans Clears Assembly

Legislation Assembly Democrats Vince Mazzeo, Raj Mukherji, Wayne DeAngelo, Bob Andrzejczak and Cleopatra Tucker sponsored to increase financial support for disabled veterans in New Jersey recently was approved Thursday by the Assembly.

"For over 30 years, our blind and paraplegic veterans have gone without an increase. That's wrong. The buying power of $750 today is significantly less than it was 30 years ago," said Mazzeo (D-Atlantic). "Veterans who put their lives on the line and suffered injuries on the battlefield deserve this increase, which will help them and their families have greater financial stability..."

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DeAngelo, Giblin, Singleton, Holley & Benson Bill to Ask Voters to Support Creation & Expansion of Public Libraries Approved by Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Thomas Giblin, Troy Singleton, Jamel Holley and Dan Benson to ask voters to provide grants for the construction, expansion and equipping of public libraries in New Jersey was approved XX-XX Thursday by the Assembly.

"Some might question the relevance of libraries when technology is so prevalent, but for one, not everyone has access to technology, and secondly, libraries are more than just a place to get books," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "They are gathering places. They are places where people can get college prep and career assistance. They are places where people without access to computers or an internet connection can have free access to both. Given the value of libraries and what they provide our communities, it would be irresponsible not to invest in their viability..."

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Pinkin, Karabinchak, DeAngelo & Benson Bill Urging Congress to Protect Federal Property Tax Deduction Clears Assembly

Lawmakers Stand up for N.J. Homeowners who would be Hit Hard by Trump Proposal
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Nancy Pinkin, Robert Karabinchak, Wayne DeAngelo and Daniel R. Benson to petition the United States Congress to not eliminate the federal property tax deduction so valuable to New Jerseyans was approved Thursday by the General Assembly.

Under current law, a taxpayer is allowed to deduct from federal taxable income the amounts paid to state and local entities for assessments on real property. This deduction is known as the property tax deduction. This deduction, however, is under consideration and may be abolished as part of a reform of federal tax law proposed by President Trump.

The change would hit New Jersey homeowners hard.

"The federal property tax deduction is to ensure that taxpayers are not subject to double-taxation by federal and state authorities, all while providing meaningful tax relief to citizens throughout the country and promoting home ownership and revitalization of our communities..," said Pinkin (D-Middlesex).

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