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Sumter, Mainor &Wimberly Bill to Make Changes to NJ's Juvenile Justice System to Encourage Rehabilitation on Governor's Desk

(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Shavonda Sumter, Charles Mainor and Benjie Wimberly to make changes to the state's juvenile justice system to facilitate the rehabilitation of juvenile offenders and help break the cycle of recidivism recently cleared the legislature with approval in the Senate (29-10). The bill now goes to the Governor's desk for further consideration.

The bill (A-4299) would make various changes to the state's juvenile justice system. Specifically, the bill would revamp the state law governing waiver of juveniles to adult criminal court; require due process before a juvenile can be transferred to an adult facility; and limit the use of solitary confinement or room restriction as it is known within the system to discipline incarcerated juveniles.

"Once they have served their sentences, these young people will go back to their communities where they will either work to better themselves and their families, or return to their troublesome ways. Where they serve their sentences can make the difference," said Sumter (D-Bergen/Passaic). For More             

Quijano, Mainor & Pinkin Continue to Push Bill to Protect Consumers from Counterfeit Air Bags

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Annette Quijano (D-Union), Charles Mainor (D-Hudson) and Nancy Pinkin (D-Middlesex) to keep counterfeit air bags out of cars and motorists safe has been approved by the Assembly.

"By tampering with air bags, these individuals are increasing the potential for injury or worse in the event of an accident," said Quijano. "The roads are treacherous enough. Consumers should trust that the air bags in their vehicles will function properly if they are ever involved in a crash..."

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Moriarty, Coughlin, Mainor, Pinkin & Danielsen Bill to Prohibit Sale of Powdered Alcohol Clears Legislature, Heads to Gov's Desk

(TRENTON) - Legislation Assembly Democrats Paul Moriarty, Craig Coughlin, Charles Mainor, Nancy Pinkin and Joseph Danielsen sponsored to prohibit the sale of powdered alcohol in New Jersey cleared its final legislative hurdle with passage by the full Senate Monday afternoon. The bill was approved 39-1.

Powdered alcohol is ethyl alcohol which is designed to be dissolved in liquid to produce alcoholic beverages. Moriarty first introduced the bill in November. However, the federal Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau finally approved the sale of powdered alcohol on the market in March, prompting renewed concerns about the dangers the product poses.

"The lure of this product to underage people and the potential for dangerous misuse among people of any age is ripe. Not only can it be inhaled, it can also be added to another person's food or drink unbeknownst to them," said Moriarty (D-Camden/Gloucester). For More             

Johnson, Mainor, Wilson & Wimberly Bill to Expand Access to DNA Testing & Exonerate the Wrongfully Convicted Gains Final Legislative Approval

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gordon Johnson, Charles Mainor, Whip Wilson and Benjie Wimberly to help clear the wrongfully convicted by allowing anyone convicted of a crime to request DNA testing gained final legislative approval on Monday.

"Thanks to DNA testing, we have seen a number of individuals exonerated after years, sometimes decades, spent behind bars for crimes they did not commit," said Johnson (D-Bergen). "Sadly, under current state law, an innocent person who is on probation or parole does not have the same access to the technology that can help clear their name and restore their dignity. This bill would open access to DNA testing to these individuals so they can stop living under the shadow of guilt and finally be free."

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McKeon, Mainor, Jasey, Wimberly & Sumter Bill to Emphasize Traffic Safety to Young Drivers Heads to Gov's Desk

Measure to Be Named "Nikhil's Law" After 11-Year-Old Killed by Driver Who Ran Stop Sign
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats John McKeon, Charles Mainor, Mila Jasey, Benjie Wimberly and Shavonda Sumter to emphasize to new drivers the importance of following the state's motor vehicle traffic laws received final legislative approval Monday and now heads to the governor's desk.

"This is a simple step we can take to emphasize to our young people that driving comes with responsibility," said McKeon (D-Essex/Morris). "The more we can highlight that point, hopefully the more our young drivers will put safety first."

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Caputo, Giblin, Tucker, Johnson, Mainor & Sumter Bill to Make it Easier for Law Enforcement to Use Outdoor Video Footage to Investigate Crimes Heads to Gov's Desk

Legislation sponsored by Ralph Caputo, Thomas Giblin, Cleopatra Tucker, Gordon Johnson, Charles Mainor and Shavonda Sumter to make it easier for law enforcement agencies to use outdoor video cameras to investigate crimes received final legislative approval on Monday and now heads to the governor's desk.

"This will help law enforcement officials with investigations of criminal activity and save valuable time and resources by providing them with a registry to determine whether a camera is located near where criminal activity occurred,..." said Caputo (D-Essex). For More             
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