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Mainor & McKeon Bill to Ban Smokeless Tobacco from Public Schools Advanced by Assembly Committee

Legislation Assembly Democrats Charles Mainor and John McKeon sponsored to prohibit the use of smokeless tobacco at public schools was released Monday by an Assembly committee.

"A person can become addicted to smokeless tobacco, just as with cigarettes, because smokeless tobacco contains nicotine," said Mainor (D-Hudson). "Research indicates that teens who use smokeless tobacco are more likely to become cigarette smokers than non-users."

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Garcia, Mainor, Mukherji & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Ensure Legal Representation for Children When Parental Rights Are Terminated Advances

(TRENTON) - An Assembly panel recently released legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Carmelo Garcia, Charles Mainor, Raj Mukherji and Valerie Vainieri Huttle to authorize Office of Public Defender to provide legal representation for child in proceedings after parental rights have been terminated.

"This legislation ensures the protection of our children in legal matters if their parents are deemed incapable. The state should absolutely step in to protect children in these situations," said Garcia (D-Hudson).

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Assembly Panel Releases Mainor, Quijano, Giblin, Wimberly, Pintor-Marin & Spencer Bill to Dissolve the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Charles Mainor, Annette Quijano, Thomas Giblin, Benjie Wimberly, Eliana Pinto-Marin and L. Grace Spencer to abolish the Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor was released Thursday by an Assembly committee.

The Waterfront Commission of New York Harbor was created through a compact between the states of New Jersey and New York (and approved by Congress in 1953) to ensure fair hiring and employment practices and investigate, deter, and combat criminal activity and influence in the Port of New York and New Jersey. However, the commission has been tainted by corruption in recent years, and has been accused of compromising port operations by exercising powers it does not have.

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