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Assembly Advances Caride Bill to Establish Protections for New Homeowners of Foreclosed Properties

(TRENTON) - The General Assembly advanced on Thursday legislation Assembly Democrat Marlene Caride sponsored to require provisions regarding a sellers' obligation to deliver marketable and insurable title in certain residential real estate contracts of sale. The measure was approved 70-1-1.

The bill (A-2180), which supplements the "Fair Foreclosure Act," addresses situations in which a residential mortgage lender foreclosures on a residential property, buys the property at the resulting sheriff's sale, and subsequently seeks to sell the property (commonly known as a "Real Estate Owned" or "REO" property) through a contract with a new purchaser.

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Caride, Singleton, Jasey & Wimberly Bill to Boost Certification Requirements for School Nurses, Ensure they are Well-Qualified Continues to Advance

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Marlene Caride, Troy Singleton, Mila Jasey and Benjie Wimberly to restore previous certification requirements for school nurses to ensure they are aptly qualified to care for students was approved Monday by the Senate Education Committee.

The bill (A-1256) was prompted by the State Board of Education's decision in 2013 to reduce the minimum requirements to apparently address the shortage in nurses. However, the New Jersey State Nurses Association contends the reason for the change was to reduce costs for school districts by hiring less qualified applicants at lower salaries. The bill would restore the previous requirements.

"Lowering these requirements reduces salaries by using lesser skilled nurses, and jeopardizes the health of our students..," said Caride (D-Bergen/Passaic).

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