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Lampitt, Holley & Mosquera Bill to Encourage Participation in Summer Meal Programs Clears Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Jamel Holley and Gabriela Mosquera to encourage student participation in summer meal programs has unanimously cleared the General Assembly.

In the State of New Jersey, 1.15 million residents, including 375,000 children, are food insecure. Increasingly, non-profit community-based and local government afterschool providers are offering summer learning programs to ensure students have access to educational enrichment opportunities during the summer months. However, the sponsors note, during the summer months many children lose access to school breakfast and lunch programs and are at risk of going hungry.

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Mosquera, Moriarty, Lagana, Zwicker & Downey Bill to Help Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault Victims Seek Justice Against Their Abusers Clears Legislature

(TRENTON) - Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gabriela Mosquera, Paul Moriarty, Joseph Lagana, Andrew Zwicker and Joann Downey to allow victims and witnesses of domestic violence and sexual assault to testify against their abusers via closed circuit television under certain circumstances cleared the Senate, 38-0, on Monday.

"Having to recount an abusive relationship in front of your abuser can be unnerving for an individual who's been battered," said Mosquera (D-Camden/Gloucester). "For children who may have witnessed their mother being abused, it can be equally frightening to have to testify in a courtroom with the abuser, especially if the abuser is a parent. Permitting victims and young witnesses to testify via closed circuit television allows them to confront their abusers without fear."

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Assembly Panel Advances Houghtaling, Downey & Mosquera Legislation Establishing “Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights”

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Eric Houghtaling, Joann Downey and Gabriela Mosquera establishing the Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights was approved by the Assembly Budget Committee on Monday.

The bill (A-4007) would require the Director of the Division of Taxation to develop and publish a Property Taxpayer Bill of Rights that sets forth in simple and non-technical terms the right of every property taxpayer to understand their property assessment and to appeal an assessment that a taxpayer believes is too high.

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Assembly Panel Approves Democratic Measures to Boost Funding for Women's Health Care

Mazzeo, Downey, Mosquera, Lampitt, Vainieri Huttle, Jimenez, Pintor Marin, Sumter, Oliver, Lagana, Jasey & Mukherji Two-Bill Package Would Restore Funding for Women's Health Centers & Expand Medicaid Coverage
A two-bill package sponsored by Assembly Democrats to boost funding for health care for low and middle income women and their children in the FY 2018 budget was approved Monday by the Assembly Budget Committee.

The measures - sponsored by Assembly Democrats Vincent Mazzeo, Joann Downey, Gabriela Mosquera, Pamela Lampitt, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Angelica Jimenez, Eliana Pintor Marin, Shavonda Sumter, Sheila Oliver, Joe Lagana, Mila Jasey and Raj Mukherji - would restore the funding eliminated by Gov. Christie for women's health centers and expand Medicaid coverage under federal law to help serve some of the state's poorest women.

"In difficult fiscal times, the priorities we choose show our character as a state," said Mazzeo (D-Atlantic). "From a financial perspective, this relatively small investment pays enormous dividends and is a cost effective way to improve the health and well-being of women and children in New Jersey."

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Lampitt, Holley, Mosquera, Singleton & Wimberly Bill to Modernize Applications for School Lunch, Breakfast Programs Clears Assembly

Legislation Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Jamel Holley, Gabriela Mosquera, Troy Singleton and Benjie Wimberly sponsored to establish online applications for school lunch and breakfast programs gained unanimous approval from the General Assembly on Thursday.

"Many of New Jersey's children and families rely on school lunch and breakfast programs to meet nutritional needs during the school year," said Lampitt (D-Camden/Burlington), chair of the Assembly Women and Children Committee. "The greater the participation in these meal programs, the closer we are to ensuring that no child will go hungry in New Jersey."

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Mosquera, Holley, Moriarty & Quijano Bill Requiring Reporting of Audit Follow-Ups to Improve Government Efficiency Heads to Governor

Legislation Assembly Democrats Gabriela Mosquera, Jamel Holley, Paul Moriarty and Annette Quijano sponsored to help improve government efficiency by requiring the reporting of audit follow-ups is headed to the Governor after receiving final legislative approval from the Senate on Thursday.

The Assembly unanimously approved the bill in October.

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Singleton, Mosquera, Vainieri Huttle & Downey Bill to Strengthen Protections for Domestic Violence Victims Clears Assembly

'Monica's Law' Would Establish Risk Assessments in Honor of Resident Killed by Estranged Husband

The General Assembly on Thursday approved legislation Assembly Democrats Troy Singleton, Gabriela Mosquera, Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Joann Downey sponsored to strengthen protections for domestic violence victims.

"We've come a long way since the Domestic Violence Prevention Act was passed in the early '90s, but as we continue to examine this issue more closely, we find many new ways in which our legal and law enforcement system can work to better protect victims and their families," said Singleton (D-Burlington).

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Mosquera, Holley & Wimberly Bill to Help Law Enforcement Better Respond to Security Threats in Schools Clears Assembly, Heads to Gov

(TRENTON) - The full Assembly on Thursday gave final legislative approval, 74-0-1, to legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Gabriela Mosquera, Jamel Holley and Benjie Wimberly that would give local law enforcement access to a school's video surveillance system in order to better assist students and staff in the event of a security threat.

The bill (A-1205) requires that if a school building is equipped with video surveillance equipment that is capable of wirelessly streaming live video to a remote location, the board of education must enter into a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with local law enforcement authorities giving the authorities the ability to activate the equipment and view live streaming videos.

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Lampitt, Mosquera & Green Bill to Boost Creation of Small, Women-Owned & Minority-Owned Businesses Clears Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Gabriela Mosquera and Jerry Green to expand the scope and reach of small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses throughout New Jersey by providing loans through the New Jersey Economic Development Authority gained Assembly approval on Thursday.

"Loans and investment capital are harder to come by for women- and minority-owned businesses, which puts these businesses at a disadvantage from the start," said Lampitt (D-Camden/Burlington). "This legislation helps level the playing field and allows small, women-owned and minority-owned businesses to take advantage of loans that can help them sustain and build up their businesses."

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DeAngelo, Mosquera, Wisniewski & Mukherji Bill Creating Veterans Motorcycle License Plates Heads to Governor

Bipartisan legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Wayne DeAngelo, Gabriela Mosquera, John Wisniewski and Raj Mukherji to create special motorcycle license plates for veterans unanimously cleared the full Assembly on Thursday and now heads to the Governor's desk.

"Veterans take pride in having served their country, and they ought to be able to express that in as many ways as possible," said DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex). "With this legislation, New Jersey will join several states across the nation in making special license plates available to veterans who ride motorcycles."

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Vainieri Huttle, Mosquera, Tucker, McKnight, Mukherji & Wimberly Bill to Protect Children & Adults with Developmental Disabilities Heads to Governor

'Stephen Komninos' Law' Would Put Measures in Place to Better Address Reports of Abuse and Neglect in State-Licensed Facilities
Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Gabriela Mosquera, Cleopatra Tucker, Angela McKnight, Raj Mukherji and Benjie Wimberly to better protect children and adults with development disabilities from potential abuse and neglect by caregivers is headed to the Governor's desk after receiving final legislative approval from the full Assembly.

The bill (A-2503), known as "Stephen Komninos' Law," honors the memory of Stephen, an individual with developmental disabilities who died at the age of 22 while under the care of a private state-licensed facility for individuals with developmental disabilities. Stephen was a non-verbal young man who suffered through many substantiated incidents of abuse and neglect by caregivers. Tragically, the last incident resulted in his death.

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Singleton, Schaer, Benson, Eustace, Mosquera & Houghtaling Bill to Improve Reporting and Disclosure of State Tax Expenditures Gains Assembly OK

Legislation Assembly Democrats Troy Singleton, Gary Schaer, Daniel R. Benson, Tim Eustace, Gabriela Mosquera and Eric Houghtaling sponsored to improve reporting and disclosure requirements on state tax expenditures to help better ensure that tax incentives yield the impact desired gained approval from the General Assembly on Thursday.

"The state does not authorize these tax expenditures lightly," said Singleton (D-Burlington). "They're authorized for specific goals, such as creating jobs or boosting economic growth, so we need to make certain these benefits are working as intended. It's common sense to examine whether these expenditures are working. It's what the taxpayers deserve."

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Lampitt, Pintor Marin, Mosquera & Vainieri Huttle Bill to Exempt Breast Pumps & Related Products from Sales and Use Tax Approved by Assembly

Legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Pamela Lampitt, Eliana Pintor Marin, Gabriela Mosquera and Valerie Vainieri Huttle to make breast pumps, breast pump collection and storage supplies, and certain services to breast pumps tax-free in New Jersey was approved Thursday by the General Assembly.

"Breast pumps and pump supplies are basic necessities for many New Jersey families and should not be subject to sales and use tax," said Lampitt (D-Camden, Burlington).

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