Aaron Binder Aaron Binder

Deputy Executive Director


A Deputy Executive Director advises the Assembly Democratic Caucus on public policy initiatives and assists the executive director in operation and management of the office.

Mr. Binder also oversees the annual budget review process, including the prepartion of the annual Appropriations Act, and analyzes the fiscal impact of all legislation considered by the Assembly.

Mr. Binder serves as the Democratic Aide to the Assembly Budget Committee and the New Jersey Legislative Select Committee on Investigation.


Prior to joining the Assembly Majority Office, Aaron Binder spent the previous six years as chief financial officer for Congreso de Latinos Unidos, one of the largest non-profit social service agencies in Philadelphia.

His professional background includes several years in Amtrak’s capital planning and budgeting department, five years working for the City of Philadelphia in the Rendell Administration, and several years as the treasurer of Women Against Abuse, Philadelphia’s only domestic violence shelter.

He is currently the treasurer for the Congreso board of directors.


Mr. Binder graduated from Brandeis University, where he attained a bachelor’s in economics. He earned a master's in government administration from the Fels Center of Government at the University of Pennsylvania and a master’s level certificate of accounting from Temple University.