Edgardo Cardinali Edgardo Cardinali

Senior Communications Specialist


The Senior Communications Specialist is responsible for providing photographic coverage of news and public events for the Democratic caucus; handling all press inquires from Latino media; and translating press advisories and releases into Spanish.


Edgardo Cardinali was born in Argentina. He came to the United States in 1988 to cover the presidential elections for a consolidated group of Argentinean newspapers and radio stations.

Mr. Cardinali previously worked in the editorial department for Noticias del Mundo, one of the two largest daily Spanish newspapers in the tri-state area. Six years later, he was hired as the assistant for the New York director of operations of Televisa network, the world’s largest Spanish TV network, where he produced the New York component of its daily live news show, ECO, and the local segment for Univision's "Primer Impacto" show.

In 1998, he returned to the newspaper field, working for Tiempos del Mundo and Noticias del Mundo as staff writer and photojournalist. He joined the Assembly Democratic Office in 2001.

Mr. Cardinali is married and is the father of three children, the stepfather of three additional children and a grandfather of three beautiful little girls.


Mr. Cardinali graduated from Ingeniero Luis A. Huergo College, in Buenos Aires, Argentina, with a bachelor’s in telecommunications. He completed post-graduate work in photography and studio lighting at Mar del Plata University, Provincia de Buenos Aires.