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Greenwald on Supreme Court Decisions to Overturn Roe v. Wade and Strike Down New York’s Handgun Law

Assembly Majority Leader Louis Greenwald (D-Camden, Burlington) issued the following statement regarding recent Supreme Court rulings:

 “I am saddened and disappointed that the American people are already feeling the consequences of the Supreme Court’s far-right majority. We can see clearly that this conservative court dangerously lacks respect for precedent.

“In the past two days, the Court has denied women throughout the country the individual right to choose and struck down New York’s concealed carry law, a common-sense policy to protect the public from senseless gun violence. These radical decisions undermine our American freedoms and I fear for those across the country who will end the week with fewer rights.

“In New Jersey, we are committed to keeping our communities safe and ensuring our residents’ rights and liberties are not lost. Anticipating the Court’s decision, we codified the right to reproductive choice in state law and are proud to have the strongest gun safety laws in the nation.”