Assembly Appropriations

The Assembly Appropriations Committee is responsible for reviewing the fiscal impact of legislation on the state. The committee reviews legislation dealing with revenues, taxation, state budget and finance and weigh in on the process of authorizing expenditure of public funds for a specific governmental purpose.
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Group - B

Quijano, Holley, Timberlake & McKnight: We Remain Committed to Adult-Use Cannabis Bill

Assembly Democrats Annette Quijano (D-Union), Jamel Holley (D-Union), Britnee Timberlake (D-Essex) and Angela McKnight (D-Hudson) released the following statement today regarding the future of their legislation (A-4497) that would legalize adult-use cannabis in New Jersey:

“We remain committed to enacting fair and responsible legislation to legalize adult-use cannabis in New Jersey…"

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Benson & Jimenez Bill to Cap Prescription Drug Costs Clears Assembly

Would Require Health Insurers to Limit Patient Cost-Sharing

To reduce the out-of-pocket burden faced by many New Jerseyans covered by certain prescription drug insurance policies or contracts, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Daniel R. Benson and Angelica Jimenez that would require health insurers to cap patient co-payments cleared the full Assembly Monday by a vote of 77-1-0.

"Now more than ever, the need for this bill is critical," said Benson (D-Mercer, Middlesex). "Increasingly, health plans are imposing a serious financial burden on patients whose diseases and conditions are treated by so-called 'specialty' medications. That burden usually comes in the form of coinsurance, which can leave enrollees of health care plans left to pay thousands of dollars for one month's supply of a specialty medication. It is absolutely unacceptable that nearly every health plan available on the marketplace features co-payments of between 40-50 percent for 'specialty' medications which are life-sustaining drugs for those who take them. We can and will do better for the people of New Jersey."

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Lopez, Vainieri Huttle, Reynolds-Jackson "Dignity for Incarcerated Primary Caretaker Parents Act" Clears Assembly Panel

To provide incarcerated individuals who are parents and the primary caregivers of their children with certain protections to help preserve familial bonds that are often crucial to rehabilitation, legislation sponsored by Assemblywomen Yvonne Lopez, Valerie Vainieri Huttle and Verlina Reynolds-Jackson was released Monday by the Assembly Appropriations Committee.

The bill (A-3979) would establish the "Dignity for Incarcerated Primary Caretaker Parents Act" to focus on incarcerated parents in state and county correctional facilities--a growing segment of the prison population typically excluded from the criminal justice reform conversation. While most parents in prison are fathers, the rate of female incarceration in America continues to grow rapidly. A 2010 Bureau of Justice Statistics report found that, since 1991, the number of children with a mother in prison had more than doubled, up 131 percent. The number of children with a father in prison had grown by 77 percent. The report also found a faster rate of growth in the number of mothers held in state and federal prisons (up 122 percent), compared to the number of fathers (up 76 percent) between 1991 and midyear 2007.

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Mukherji Statement on Bill to Expand Access to Emergency Assistance Benefits

The Assembly Appropriations Committee Monday approved legislation (A-5203) aimed to help New Jerseyans in danger of becoming homeless. Under the measure, Work First New Jersey emergency assistance benefits received by a person seven years prior to submitting a new application for benefits would not be counted toward the cumulative 12-month limit on benefits. Bill sponsor, Assemblyman Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson) released the following statement.

“The Work First New Jersey program helps our most vulnerable residents in their time of need. Without this assistance, many would be at risk of homelessness. Not only does the program give residents the means to get through hard times, but it also guides them in finding employment and activities to help them become self-sufficient."

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Mukherji, Armato & Mazzeo Bill to Ban Shark Finning Approved by Assembly Panel

To put an end to the bestial act of shark finning, legislation sponsored by Assembly Democrats Raj Mukherji, John Armato and Vincent Mazzeo to ban the harvest and sale of shark fins in New Jersey was released by the Assembly Appropriations Committee Monday.

“Shark finning is an inhumane practice that leads to the animal’s slow, excruciating death,” said Mukherji (D-Hudson). “Aside from being downright cruel, shark finning is threatening the very existence of certain species, which ultimately poses a threat to the balance of all marine life.”

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