Assembly State and Local Government

The Assembly State and Local Government Committee focuses on policy and legislation that has a direct impact on state government, as well as legislation dealing with ethics, pensions, election related issues and public employees.
Democratic Research Aide:  Nicole A. Brown   
Group - D

Reynolds-Jackson, Verrelli Introduce Bill to Create "Trenton Capital City Aid Program"

Bill Would Provide Annual State Expenditure to Help Offset Local Taxes

Home to multiple tax-exempt properties owned and operated by the State, Trenton is in a unique position as the State capital.

"Between 2004 and 2010, Trenton received additional State aid for serving as home to the State Capitol and for the significant amount of State-owned real property located in the city that is tax exempt," said Reynolds-Jackson. "Trenton taxpayers for far too long have absorbed the costs of these properties. The Trenton Capital City Aid, once given, helped alleviate the burden on residents and was an integral part of helping to balance the city budget year after year."

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