Assembly Transportation and Independent Authorities

The Transportation and Independent Authorities Committee is responsible for monitoring all segments of state transportation, including bridge and highway construction, motor vehicle inspections, expansion of light-rail train systems, and management of the toll road authorities.
Democratic Research Aide:  Jillian Dempsey   
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Assembly Members Benson and Pinkin on Monday’s Joint Committee Hearing on Electric Vehicle Legislation

Assembly Transportation Committee Chairman Dan Benson and Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee Chair Nancy Pinkin thanked stakeholders and participants of Monday’s Joint Committee Hearing on electric vehicles and their future in New Jersey:

Assemblyman Dan Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex): “By establishing aggressive goals for electric vehicles (EV) and infrastructure deployment, we can make sure that increased EV use in our state is accessible to everyone. Improving EV adoption in New Jersey will achieve positive impacts not only for our transportation system but our environment as well. EV’s are the future and the future is now in New Jersey. With government and industry working together on this issue, we will be able to accomplish these goals.”

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