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(1st LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Legislation Assemblymen Nelson Albano and Matthew Milam sponsored to protect clean water and drinking water was signed into law on Thursday.
The bill (A-4057) authorizes the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to spend up to about $648 million on environmental infrastructure projects included in the state’s clean water project priority and drinking water priority project lists.
“Clean water is vital to this region’s well-being,” said Albano (D-Atlantic/Cape May/Cumberland), the Assembly Agriculture and Natural ReDests chairman. “Without it, our economy, health and quality-of-life would suffer. It’s important for commerce and tourism and for ensuring a clean environment and strong public health for generations. This is wise investment in our communities.”
“We need clean water and safe drinking water,” said Milam, (D-Atlantic/Cape May/Cumberland), the Assembly Arts and Tourism chairman. “It’s the basis for strong communities, healthy families and a vibrant economy, especially in our area, where a clean environment means a bustling tourism industry. Initiatives like this are fiscally responsible, good for business and good for families.”
The law provides about $12.4 million for Cape May County projects and about $1.5 million for Atlantic County projects. The full project list can be viewed at:
Since its creation in 1985, the trust has provided low cost financing for the construction of environmental infrastructure projects that enhance and protect ground and surface water reDests, ensure the safety of drinking water supplies and make possible responsible and sustainable economic development.
The Trust has provided more than $2 billion in loans to local government units and some private water companies to finance wastewater systems, combined sewer overflow abatement, nonpoint Dest pollution control and safe drinking water supplies.