Andrzejczak Introduces Bill to Encourage Students to Honor & Assist Veterans and Active Duty Members

(1st LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak has introduced legislation to encourage students to help honor or assist veterans and active duty members of the Armed Forces or National Guard.
The bill (A-4148) would provide an excused absence on Veterans Day for any student who participates in activities for veterans or active duty members. Activities could include attending a ceremony honoring a veteran or active member returning from overseas deployment, or assisting a veteran at a hospital or food shelter.
“Attending a ceremony honoring a veteran or active duty member, or helping a veteran at a hospital or food shelter, has immeasurable educational value,” said Andrzejczak, who was a sergeant in the United States Army and was injured during a deployment to Iraq. “Students can learn tremendously from our veterans and active duty members, all of whom have so much to teach about service to our nation, personal commitment or history, among the many, many possibilities.”
The student would have the absence recorded by the school district as excused upon providing documentation of participation in the activity.
“We should encourage students to participate in community service, and this is a way of doing that while providing them with real-life lessons they’ll never learn sitting in a classroom,” Andrzejczak said. “A wide-ranging education should include as many valuable experiences as we can provide, including those learned from our veterans and those still on active duty.”