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Andrzejczak: Time to provide top healthcare to veterans here

Assemblyman Bob Andrzejczak (D-Atlantic/Cape May/Cumberland), a former U.S. Army Sergeant who was wounded in Iraq, had the following op-ed published in the Daily Journal:

“I am fortunate that I received the incredible care that I did… I am also fortunate that I am able to get to our region’s VA hospitals on my own.

“Unfortunately, many veterans do not have this same ‘luxury.’ That is because the only veterans hospitals in our area are located in Philadelphia, Pa., Wilmington, Del., or even farther in East Orange. Many veterans do not have the ability or means to drive themselves, and what’s more do not have family members to take them, and are forced to rely on the public transportation system, which can turn a simple doctor’s visit into a 10-hour round trip.”

Read the whole article here.