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Armato on Voters’ Approval of Ballot Question to Provide Tax Deduction to Peacetime Veterans

(TRENTON) – In last week’s general election, New Jersey voters overwhelmingly approved a public question to allow all honorably discharged veterans to receive the existing $250 property tax deduction. Prior to the passage of the ballot question, only veterans who served in times of war receive this benefit.

Assemblyman John Armato (D-Atlantic), who served in the United States Air Force during the Vietnam War, released the following statement on the public question:

          “A veteran is a veteran, no matter when they served. Every individual who puts on the uniform ultimately makes sacrifices for our American freedoms.

“Over 53,000 peacetime veterans in New Jersey served their country with full knowledge that they could be called to war at any moment; even though, thankfully, that moment never came during their service. Their commitment and service to their country should be equally valued to those who served in times of war.

          “In voting in favor of Public Question #2, New Jerseyans chose to extend further gratitude and respect to our peacetime veterans. As a veteran, I’m proud to call the Garden State home.”