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Assembly Advances DeAngelo & Quijano Bill to Require Automatic Sprinkler Systems in New Townhouses

New townhouses would be required to be equipped with automatic fire sprinkler systems during construction under legislation (A-4713) approved Monday by the full Assembly, 69-5.

Bill sponsors Assemblyman Wayne DeAngelo (D- Mercer, Middlesex) and Annette Quijano (D-Union) released the following statements:

Assemblyman DeAngelo: “Automatic sprinkler systems are designed to detect and combat indoor fires quickly and effectively. Not only do they serve as the first line of defense in the event of a fire, these systems can also send an immediate, automatic alert to the local fire department. Sprinkler systems save lives, and we should make sure every new townhome is equipped with this vital technology.”

Assemblywoman Quijano: “In 2016, 53 people died as a result of fire in New Jersey and 239 people were injured. I cannot help but wonder if the addition of just one automatic sprinkler system could have spared a person an injury, or even saved a life. This legislation is long overdue. By requiring new townhomes to have this important safety tool, we can hopefully reduce the number of people harmed by fire in our state.”