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Assembly Budget Chair Pintor Marin on the Passage of the FY2023 Budget

Assembly Budget Chair Eliana Pintor Marin (D-Essex) issued the following statement on the passage of the 2023 fiscal year spending plan:

“This is a budget that we should be proud of.  This budget focuses on making massive investments in tax relief to make New Jersey more affordable while supporting middle-class residents and seniors who are struggling.  This budget makes investments in education with the largest school aid funding in State history.  This budget invests in hunger prevention, affordable housing, higher education, transportation infrastructure, and so many other critical, targeted priorities. This budget also makes the full pension payment for a second year in a row.  This budget invests in the economy, in small businesses, and in childcare.

“In almost every single area this budget does something to fix a problem, help a group in need, or build upon past success.  Over 2 million households will benefit from the new ANCHOR program.   We are lowering sales taxes when families need computers and school supplies.  We are going to eliminate lead paint in houses. We are going to fix neglected water and sewer systems. We are going to provide new tax credits for low-income parents.  We are upgrading our hospitals and universities. We are replacing antiquated transit infrastructure.  We are going to increase funding and reduce fees for critical health care and mental health professionals.  We are adding seats for preschools and daycares.  We are making sure that children and adults alike will not go hungry.  We have funding for programs to attract and grow business in numerous major industries across the State.

“Even after record tax relief, and important investments in almost every policy area, this budget still maintains a budget surplus of well over $6 billion.  This budget invests almost $5.2 billion into debt avoidance and defeasance.  This budget has a $2 billion tax relief program, the largest in state history.  This is what a fiscally responsible budget looks like: promoting affordability, spending within our means, helping people who need it, and meeting or exceeding all of the State’s obligations. 

“I am proud of the work the budget committee collaboratively did this year.  We thank Speaker Coughlin for his leadership and his firm commitment to supporting New Jersey families.”