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Assembly Committee Advances Bill Requiring 60-Day Notice for Changes in Child Care Center Tuition Rate

(TRENTON) – Legislation requiring licensed child care centers to provide 60-days notice prior to a change in tuition rates of at least four percent cleared the Children, Families and Food Security Committee today. Bill A1844, sponsored by Assemblyman Herb Conaway and Assemblywomen Verlina Reynolds-Jackson and Shama Haider, would ensure adequate warnings to families prior to implementing a tuition increase.

“Today marks a significant step forward for families in New Jersey as we prioritize transparency and stability within the framework of our childcare system,” said Assemblyman Herb Conaway (D-Burlington). “Through bill A1844, we can ensure all parents and guardians have sufficient time to plan for child care tuition hikes, mitigating the anxiety that comes along with increased child care costs.”

The bill would require all licensed child care centers to prepare and publicize any change in their tuition rates of four percent or greater. Sixty days before the change, the centers would also be required to post the notice of change in a prominent location within the center, on their internet websites, and through other electronic means.

This legislation, which will take effect immediately, aims to shield families from experiencing sticker shock when it comes to childcare. Its core purpose is to equip parents and guardians with ample time to adjust their budgets and make informed decisions.

“As lawmakers, we have a duty to support families, and provide them with access to essential information,” said Assemblywoman Verlina Reynolds-Jackson (D-Hunterdon, Mercer). “Every parent or guardian deserves clarity when it comes to the financial aspects of their child’s care, and today we set a standard of accountability that will benefit families for years to come.”

“By providing a 60-day notice period for changes in tuition rates, we’re offering parents the tools they need to navigate difficult decisions with confidence,” said Assemblywoman Shama Haider (D-Bergen). “Empowering families is at the heart of this legislation, and in the journey of parenthood, certainty is an invaluable resource.”