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Assembly Committee Clears Quijano Bill to Protect Insurance Consumers from Cost of Paper Statements

To protect consumers who opt to receive a paper bill or notice regarding their insurance policy, the Assembly Financial Institutions and Insurance Committee advanced legislation (A-3605) on Thursday that would prohibit any insurer from charging a fee for such bills. Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (D-Union), who sponsors the bill, issued the following statement:

“While paperless billing might be the convenient eco-friendly choice for some, receiving a bill or important notice electronically is not the best or even most feasible option for everyone.

“For already vulnerable groups, particularly those without a broadband connection at home and older consumers, putting a price tag on a paper statement creates an unnecessary cost for accessing their financial information.”

Whether it’s life or health insurance, or a homeowners or auto policy, how you wish to keep track of your bills should be up to you. This bill protects all consumers and their choice.”

The bill now goes to the Assembly Speaker for further consideration.