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Assembly Democrats on Proposal to Provide Property Tax Deduction to More Veterans

In order to recognize and assist veterans independent of their combat experience, legislation proposing a constitutional amendment to extend a property tax deduction to veterans who did not serve in a time of war or emergency passed the Assembly Military and Veterans Affairs Committee on Thursday.

Democratic sponsors of the resolution (ACR-57) Cleopatra Tucker (D-Essex), Daniel Benson (D-Mercer and Middlesex), Pamela Lampitt (D-Burlington and Camden) and Wayne DeAngelo (D-Mercer and Middlesex) released the following joint statement:

“Anyone who is courageous enough to join the military in an effort to defend our country deserves our respect and recognition, regardless of whether they ever saw combat. This legislation especially helps women veterans, who were barred from combat units until only a few years ago. This is one way we can acknowledge the significance of every soldier’s contribution to our armed forces.”