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Note Christie, NJ GOP Support for Tax Breaks for Millionaires over Middle-Class, Senior Tax Relief

(TRENTON) – New Jersey Assembly Democrats released the following statement Tuesday on New York’s agreement to raise taxes on New York state’s wealthiest residents to help the middle-class:
Assembly Speaker Sheila Y. Oliver (D-Essex/Passaic):
“Gov. Christie and New Jersey Republicans are becoming part of an ever-shrinking group that believes tax cuts for millionaires are more important than tax relief for working families and seniors. Twice Gov. Christie has put tax cuts for the wealthy over property tax relief for the middle-class and senior citizens. This issue is embraced by citizens from all over the nation, and now that Gov. Christie has become a national spokesperson for the GOP, it’s incumbent upon him to see the tide has turned toward the position New Jersey Democrats have embraced from day one.”
Assembly Majority Leader-Elect and current Budget Chairman Lou Greenwald (D-Camden):
“Gov. Christie and his Republican allies in New Jersey should consult with New York Republicans who understand the basic fairness of asking the wealthiest residents to provide a little bit more to give substantial tax relief for our disappearing middle-class. New York Republicans are proving they can put sound public policy above partisan rhetoric and makes tax relief for the middle-class a priority. New Jersey Republicans should do the same for our middle-class.”
Deputy Speaker John Wisniewski (D-Middlesex):
“Gov. Christie was governor for the highest property tax increase in four years last year, all while he twice protected tax breaks for millionaires. In protecting tax cuts for the wealthy, the governor and legislative Republicans denied vital property tax relief for the middle-class homeowners and seniors struggling to keep their homes. New York’s elected officials have come together to do the right thing, and New Jersey Republicans should follow their lead.”
Incoming-Assembly Budget Chairman Vincent Prieto (D-Hudson/Bergen):
“It’s time for the governor and Republicans to put partisan politics aside and join New Jersey Democrats pushing for shared sacrifice and property tax relief for the middle-class and senior and disabled citizens. New York is an example of Democrats and Republicans coming together for the greater good and doing the right thing to help the struggling middle-class. I implore New Jersey Republicans to finally stand up for New Jersey’s middle-class.”