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Package of Bills Signed Today Will Fund Environmental Infrastructure Projects Throughout State

A package of bills sponsored by a group of Assembly Democrats was signed into law today, paving the way for the state to invest up to $818 million to fund projects that will provide cleaner, safer drinking water to communities throughout the state.

The lead sponsors of the laws – Assemblymen Paul D. Moriarty and Gordon M. Johnson – also said the funding will help bolster the state’s environmental infrastructure over the long-term. The laws were also sponsored by democratic Assembly members Connie Wagner, Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Frederick Scalera, Matthew Milam, Nelson Albano and Linda Greenstein.

“This funding will provide dividends for years to come,” said Moriarty (D-Camden/Gloucester). “The infusion of cash will help create countless jobs for out-of-work residents while ensuring residents have access to clean, safe drinking water.”

Bill A-2927, in conjunction with a second piece of legislation (A-2928), authorizes the New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Trust to provide loans at or below market rate to help finance the costs of projects included in the “State Fiscal Year 2011 Clean Water Project Priority List” and the “State Fiscal year 2011 Drinking Water Project Priority List.”

“This is a sound investment in our future, from an environmental and a fiscal perspective,” said Johnson (D-Bergen). “These funds will put people back to work as we rebuild our infrastructure to provide cleaner drinking water and improve sewer operations to protect our environment.”

The New Jersey Environmental Infrastructure Financing Program has completed 23 annual financing cycles and financed 749 projects, totaling over $4.6 billion throughout the State. The program has reduced financing costs for projects by approximately 25 to 30 percent. From its inception, the program has saved borrowers approximately $1.93 billion, generated construction jobs and stimulated significant improvements to the state’s clean water and drinking water infrastructures.

At least six projects in Moriarty’s 4th District would be eligible for $78.12 million in funding under the measure, including:

· $20.16 million to the Camden County Municipal Utility Authority for sludge management;

· $52.61 million to the Camden County Municipal Utility Authority for an interceptor and sewage treatment plant;

· $2.31 million to the Gloucester County Utility Authority for sludge management;

· $1.68 million to Gloucester Township for storm water management;

· $840,000 to Gloucester Township for non-point Dest pollution management; and

· $525,000 to the Camden County Board of Education for Dest wells.

At least three projects in Johnson’s 37th District would be eligible for $5 million in funding, including:

· $2.2 million to Hackensack city for emergency sewer repairs

· $1.7 million to Maywood Borough for sewer rehabilitation

· $1.1 million to Bogota Borough for storm water drainage improvements and equipment.