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Assembly Homeland Security Chair Quijano Marks 11th Anniversary of September 11th Tragedies

Assembly Homeland Security Committee Chair Annette Quijano on Tuesday issued the following statement on the 11th anniversary of the tragedies of September 11, 2001:

“Each year, the anniversary of these unforgivable tragedies reminds us how far we’ve come as a nation and how much our world has changed since that fateful day. It’s also a reminder that we must remain vigilant in the face of our changing world.”

“From the heroes who risked or lost their lives that day, to those who have served on the front lines since then protecting our freedom, we thank them from the bottom of our heart.

“Although our memory will never fade, it is our hope that with each passing year, the pain felt by those who lost loved ones will lessen.

“Today is a solemn day of remembrance to pay tribute to those we’ve lost but also to celebrate the resilience of the American spirit,” said Quijano (D-Union).