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Assembly Passes Downey, Armato & Mukherji Measure Expanding Offenses Eligible for Expungement

(TRENTON) – To allow certain people who have received and completed necessary rehabilitative procedures, Assembly Democrats Joann Downey (D-Monmouth), John Armato (D-Atlantic) and Raj Mukherji (D-Hudson) sponsor legislation to expand the offenses that are eligible for expungement upon a defendant’s successful discharge from special probation via drug court.  The measure was approved by the full Assembly on Thursday 61-13.

Once an expungement is granted, the arrest and conviction would be deemed to not have occurred.  The measure (A-4771) would permit the expungement of certain records that include a conviction of endangering the welfare of a child if the convicted individual was a drug or alcohol dependent person during the time of the offense.  Offenses cannot be expunged if the petitioner has outstanding criminal charges, or any disorderly and petty disorderly offense charges.

Upon Assembly approval of the measure, Assembly members Downey, Armato and Mukherji issued the following joint statement:

“The disease of addiction can dramatically affect someone’s actions, but people can learn to live sober and manage their disease.  If someone is able to properly and successfully go through the necessary treatment, they should be able to have their offenses forgiven.  This bill will help families stay together and allow individuals the opportunity to have a clean slate.”