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Assembly Women and Children Committee Advances Legislation to Support Child Care Providers and Assist NJ Families

New Jersey is facing a child care crisis. Due to economic hardships caused by the pandemic and preexisting child care deserts, many families in New Jersey do not have access to the quality child care services they need.

Earlier this year, a Household Pulse Survey by the Census Bureau determined that 39% of families in New Jersey are facing challenges finding adequate child care.

The Assembly Women and Children Committee on Thursday, led by Chairwoman Gabriela Mosquera, advanced three bills that would bolster support for the State’s childcare industry and make services more affordable for parents.

“All parents deserve access to quality, affordable child care. Unfortunately, due to high costs and child care deserts throughout New Jersey, these services fall out of reach for many families,” said Mosquera (D-Camden, Gloucester). “That’s why the Assembly Women and Children Committee has made the accessibility and affordability of these services a priority. With these bills, we take action to uplift child care service providers and help working families afford essential child care services.”

Legislation advanced by the committee would create an income tax credit for child care facility staff, require subsidy payments to child care service providers be based on enrollment rather than attendance for an additional three years, and extend child care subsidies to help parents afford these services for their young children.

The committee advanced the following bills:


Lopez/ Freiman/ Pintor Marin


Allows gross income tax credit for certain child care staff and registered family day care providers.

Park/Jaffer/Jimenez/ Lampitt


Extends child care subsidies to families earning up to 300 percent of federal poverty level; appropriates funds.

Mosquera/Swain/ McKnight/ Tucker

Extends duration of law requiring certain provider subsidy payments for child care services be based on enrollment.