Assemblyman Conaway, M.D. Statement on Gov. Christie’s Vaccination Comments

(TRENTON) — New Jersey Assemblyman Herb Conaway, M.D., (D-Burlington), a practicing physician who is Assembly Health and Senior Services chairman, released the following statement Monday on Gov. Christie’s comments on vaccinations:

“Gov. Christie’s wavering comments are irresponsible and endanger the health of our communities.

“Science has shown vaccination to be an extremely effective approach to securing public health. The only thing government has to balance is what’s best for the overall public health, and that means unambiguously supporting vaccinations.

“Gov. Christie’s failure to clearly state where he stands on vaccinations that protect everyone, especially our most vulnerable, is another example of his weak leadership and his inability to stand up for what’s scientifically proven as being right.

“His lack of clarity is very disappointing and, from a medical point of view, disturbing.”