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Assemblywoman Murphy on Budget Hearings: “We Must Carefully Consider & Discuss Every Option”

As a member of the Assembly Budget Committee, Assemblywoman Carol Murphy participated in today’s hearings to assess projections and proposals for the remainder of this year and the upcoming 2021 fiscal year budget.

Upon the conclusion of the hearings, Assemblywoman Murphy (D-Burlington) issued the following statement:

“The challenges New Jersey has faced this year will be reflected in the budget the Legislature crafts going forward. We need to assess the likelihood of various revenue sources at a time when they are more uncertain than ever.  By determining where funding will and will not come from, we can get a more realistic idea of what we can rely on when balancing our budget.

“Throughout this process, we must be careful when deciding if revenue raisers will be necessary in the budget to ensure we do not do more harm than good for the most vulnerable among us. It is critical the Legislature looks closely at the proposed opioid tax, since a tax on manufacturers or distributors will inevitably be passed on to patients suffering from severe acute and chronic pain. We need to examine the way increased prescription costs could create a barrier to health care in the midst of a public health crisis.  

“It is undeniable this year’s budget will require difficult choices as we seek ways to help New Jersey get through this crisis, which is exactly why we must carefully consider and discuss every option before we proceed. My colleagues and I are committed to doing everything we can to create a fair and balanced budget on behalf of New Jersey residents.”