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Assemblywoman Murphy on Parking Placards for Home Health Aides in New Jersey

The New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) will begin issuing special parking placards to home care service employees in New Jersey now that a bill sponsored by Assemblywoman Carol Murphy – signed into law in 2018 – is taking effect.

Employees of licensed home care service agencies, including nurse aides, social workers, physical therapists and personal care assistants, will be allowed to obtain and utilize this new placard to park in certain places they would not normally be able to access. While on the job, these workers would be permitted to hang the placard from their rearview mirror in order to park at parking meters for up to 24 hours, in spots normally reserved for local residents, and in municipal or college/university parking lots without facing any penalties.

Upon these placards becoming available to home care service employees, Assemblywoman Murphy (D-Burlington) issued the following statement:

“I am pleased these placards are now ready to be issued to healthcare workers throughout our state who provide services to patients within the comfort of their own homes. The health and well-being of countless residents living with physical and mental disabilities depend on the care these employees provide. Making it easier for home health employees to find parking near their patients’ homes will ultimately help facilitate the provision of these crucial services. Thank you to everyone involved in our efforts to help improve the lives of these oft-overlooked employees and the people in their care.”