Assemblywoman Quijano Celebrates World Refugee Day At International Refugee Committee; Condemns Trump’s Separation of Children From Families

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano joined the International Refugee Committee in Elizabeth on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate International Refugee Day and to celebrate the important role that immigrants play in our communities.

“Immigrants are the foundation of the United States and since our inception we have always been the city on the hill shining that beacon of freedom to the world,” stated Assemblywoman Quijano. “Through all the negativity out there right now, immigrants need to know that they have the strong support of the people of New Jersey.”

The New Jersey General Assembly recently passed Quijano’s legislation (AJR125) designating June 20th annually as “World Refugee Day” in New Jersey. The New Jersey Senate is scheduled to vote on the Senate companion bill (SJR85) this Thursday.

Today, Quijano met with refugee families at the International Refugee Committee to show her continued support for immigrants and refugees.
She condemned President Trump’s “Zero Tolerance Policy” on immigration, which has caused infants and children to be forcibly separated from their parents in detainment camps throughout the country.

“I am appalled by this policy and it needs to end right now.” Quijano said. “I fear we have rapidly diminished our national moral compass. Each of us has the responsibility to stand up now because we are facing a tipping point where we will forever be judged for our silence and our complicity that allowed this to happen.”