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Barnes & Singleton Bill Repealing Outdated State Laws Approved by Assembly

(TRENTON) – Legislation Assembly Democrats Peter J. Barnes III and Troy Singleton sponsored to repeal provisions of state law that are no longer relevant was approved 77-0 Monday by the Assembly.
“Clearly, we no longer need to worry too much about stallions running at large and rams trespassing,” said Barnes (D-Middlesex). “These laws are anachronistic in nature, belonging to an earlier time and irrelevant in the current legal, political and social climate. And these boards no longer serve any purpose. Let’s clean this up.”
“I’m sure at some point we needed to be concerned about permitting a bull to run at large, but that time has passed,” said Singleton (D-Burlington). “Let’s clean up the books and get rid of some of this unneeded bureaucracy.”
The bill (A-3726) would repeal the provisions of law associated with the following topics and issues:
· Records, rerecords, entries or abstracts of mortgages, and certified transcripts of these instruments as evidence;
· Sale of spray paint without a posted sign warning juveniles of the penalty for graffiti;
· Amend portions of the State motor vehicle and traffic laws to delete references to the use of audible warning when passing;
· Permitting a stallion to run at large;
· Permitting a bull to run at large;
· Rams trespassing or going at large during a specific period each year;
· Pursuers of thieves may be appointed by private detective association;
· Public drinking cups and infectious disease concerns;
· Transportation of infected persons and items by common carriers;
· Occupations forbidden to persons infected with venereal disease;
· Permit to move persons with venereal disease from one jurisdiction to another;
· Examination of presumed typhoid carriers and involuntary commitment of confirmed carriers;
· Killing of an unmuzzled dog running at large;
· Separation of debtors and criminals in prison;
· Victualing of county prisoners;
· Prisoners in workhouses – master to keep prisoners at labor and punish prisoners for misconduct and escape;
· County hospitals for communicable diseases;
· Municipal hospitals for communicable diseases;
· Recovery of shipwrecked bodies, disposition of personal property from shipwreck victims, and maintenance of medical examiner’s records pertaining to shipwrecks;
· Turnpike or plank road companies – vacation of public rights in, and relief from public duties associated with, turnpike or plank road; and
· The Unfair Cigarette Sales Act of 1948.
The bill will now be referred to the Senate.