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Benson Announces Expansion of “Safe Care Cam” Program to Protect Seniors, Give Families Peace of Mind

Assemblyman Daniel Benson is pleased to announce that the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs is expanding their “Safe Care Cam” program to now allow families to monitor patients in nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, residences for the developmentally disabled, and other care facilities.

The program, which was originally only intended for use in private homes, serves as a valuable community resource to both residents who suspect that a loved one is being abused or to reaffirm peace of mind that a patient is being properly treated.

According to the Office of the Attorney General, the “Safe Care Cam” program was created to detect and deter mistreatment and theft of elderly and disabled patients by their caregivers. Due to the rising senior population nationwide, the demand for senior care has greatly increased. The Safe Care Cam program was launched in December 2016 in response to growing concerns over patient abuse. The Division of Consumer Affairs has also had multiple reports of incidents where caregivers have been caught on hidden cameras physically or verbally abusing their patients.

“We need to ensure that seniors, and developmentally disabled persons in institutional care facilities are safe and given the respect and quality treatment they deserve at all times,” said Benson. “The ‘Safe Care Cam’ program is a way to detect and help prevent mistreatment of the most vulnerable while giving their loved ones some peace of mind.”

Benson noted that in order for New Jersey residents to take advantage of this program, they must call the N.J. Division of Consumer Affairs at 973-504-6375 or 802-242-5846 and leave a voicemail with their name and contact information. They will then be contacted by a staff member with more information about the program and to schedule an appointment to pick up a camera. At this appointment, they will also be given a memory card and training for the use of the camera along with saving and recording footage.

The “Safe Care” cameras are available free for a 30-day loan with the possibility of extension.

For further information or if residents have questions, they can also contact Benson’s office at 609-631-0198 or