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(14th LEGISLATIVE DISTRICT) – Assemblyman Daniel R. Benson (D-Mercer/Middlesex) released the following statement Wednesday on Gov. Chris Christie abusing taxpayer dollars by using a taxpayer-paid state helicopter for personal business:

“Gov. Christie clearly plays by a different set of rules.
“He’s raised property taxes, cut women’s health care, slashed funding for police and fire and stalled job creation without pause, but obviously has no problem wasting taxpayer dollars by taking a state helicopter for personal business.
“Quite simply, it’s wrong.
“The governor needs to set things right by revealing all the personal and political trips he’s made with the state helicopter and paying back taxpayers for the cost.
“As co-sponsor of the Government Reality Check Act (A-3380), I know these abuses must stop, and I look forward to bipartisan support for the call for the governor to reimburse taxpayers.”